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  1. Tenny317

    This made it all worth it..

    This is an inspiring post. I would love other people to share their...this was worth it moments!! I will share mine! I started dating a guy at age 23 who ended up being my boyfriend and love. We knew each other in high school but nothing came of it. Flash forward to the time we start dating...
  2. Tenny317

    'The Tropicals' band leaving Disney's Animal Kingdom in October

    I love them! I have a great soft spot for steel drums. I've always enjoyed listening to them, they were just a calming sound through Animal Kingdom. It's nice having a LIVE band in the parks, taking this away is a silly idea!
  3. Tenny317

    How could Disney Enhance the Bus Ride experience

    I think one of the reasons nothing happens on the buses is because have you even been on the bus at like 11pm....everyone looks miserable hahaha. In my opinion this is why I think they have had bus drivers stop speaking. I think a quiet activity or whatnot would be the smartest thing to do. Like...
  4. Tenny317

    Scavenger Hunt

    I was wondering if there is a generic WDW scavenger hunt...not just the D23 scavenger hunt. Obviously it doesn't have to have a prize but something to just do for fun! Let me know thanks guys!
  5. Tenny317

    Next celebrity chef at WDW?

    Oh man Bobby's Burger Palace is freakin' delicious! Best burgers yummy!! I also think it would be a perfect fit in Downtown Disney!
  6. Tenny317


    True point I'm not trying to be insensitive the teenage girl just seeing it I didn't get the sense of service dog but of course I could be totally wrong. It just caught me by surprise
  7. Tenny317


    On Saturday I was leaving Animal Kingdom at about 4:30pm and I saw a girl holding her yorkshire terrier inside of the park. I was very confused, it was def not a seeing eye dog or what not, and she was def holding it in her hands...any thoughts?
  8. Tenny317

    Wireless Internet?

    That's what I thought...I thought it was worth a try asking
  9. Tenny317

    Wireless Internet?

    I just got a new iPod for Christmas and was wondering if I would be able to access a line waiting app or would I have to have 3G or the iPhone? Thanks!
  10. Tenny317

    Florida Resident Pass Question

    oh bummer...just because sometimes you have more money in one month than another....blllehhh oh well
  11. Tenny317

    Florida Resident Pass Question

    If you buy a Florida state pass and do the monthly pass can you pay more on the monthly fee from month to month with more then the asking price? Just to make the process go quicker for example if one month I wanted to put $100 towards it, etc...
  12. Tenny317

    WDW being forgotten by execs?

    Ha I know it sounds like an oxymoron from me but we would probably have to start a new thread to send something. I just think when things are heard from the masses it is more effective...I'm terrible at these things I need some help please! :)
  13. Tenny317

    WDW being forgotten by execs?

    So I'm wondering if we as a message board community should send a letter of sorts. Sometimes I feel like we sit on this board and rant which is perfectly fine with me no doubt. However, I feel like this is a growing problem for our sort of Disney fans, the problem of not feeling satisfied with...
  14. Tenny317

    What if Epcot had another Club Cool type place? Instead of soda it would be......

    Ice Cream or Gelato.... being Club Cool and all...
  15. Tenny317

    Via Napoli to open on August 5

    Does anyone know the actual menu? It would be great to see!
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