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Recent content by SunsetLament

  1. SunsetLament

    Make a ride

    I'm a simple man ... I just want a Fantasyland-style dark ride of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom.
  2. SunsetLament

    What is your favorite subtle detail from any attraction?

    The brown "walkway" in Liberty Square.
  3. SunsetLament

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    I'd like to be the lawyer heading that class action lawsuit for fraud.
  4. SunsetLament

    The average first-timer's research for a visit?

    We did almost no planning 1978 through 1994ish. My family used to go every two years to WDW and you just went and had a good time. If you wanted to make a reservation to a restaurant, you went to City Hall early in the morning on the same day. No fastpasses, so you just walked from attraction...
  5. SunsetLament

    Guess the 50 Golden Statues

    This was the brilliance of the Disneyland 50th anniversary - the golden ride vehicles and, more importantly, the Remember Dreams Come True fireworks (the best show Disney has ever produced) were love letters to the park itself.
  6. SunsetLament

    Guess the 50 Golden Statues

    1. Mickey Mouse 2. Minnie Mouse 3. Donald Duck 4. Goofy 5. Pluto 6. Daisy Duck 7. Chip & Dale 8. Snow White 9. Dopey 10. Pinocchio 11. Jiminy Cricket 12. Sorcerer Mickey 13. Dumbo 14. Bambi & Thumper 15. Three Caballeros 16. Mr. Toad 17. Cinderella 18. Peter Pan 19. Sleeping...
  7. SunsetLament

    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    I've always thought that if they were going to replace Aerosmith on this attraction, the band to do it with is KISS. They could definitely license the band for walk-around and photo-op characters (KISS will license the logo and face paint for anything), they have enough songs that are...
  8. SunsetLament

    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    I don't think they should, but if they were going to use a fictional band, this is actually a fairly inspired idea.
  9. SunsetLament

    Can anyone tell me about this Photo?

    Here's Regis Philbin giving a preview ... This looks to be the full show (starts about 1 minute in) ...
  10. SunsetLament

    Horizons vs Mission: Space

    It's borderline impossible for Imagineering to acknowledge an error.
  11. SunsetLament

    Horizons vs Mission: Space

    You exited Horizons with an optimistic feeling about the future. You exit Mission Space looking for the closest protein-spill accessible trash can; it's not even good at being a thrill ride.
  12. SunsetLament

    Disney, DONT bring back 180-day-in-advance restaurant reservations.

    As someone who lived through the 1970s and 80s at WDW ... same-day, first come, first serve reservations was infinitely preferable to having to plan things six months out.
  13. SunsetLament

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    No one is preventing her from being heard; I posted the video because I want her to be heard. I want people to know exactly how she (and the others in that division of Imagineering) thinks and why these changes are being made. As for not being disparaged? Sorry, that's life. You have a right...
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