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  1. SuddenStorm

    Reopening Disneyland

    It's also worth mentioning that tourists from out of state/country are typically the ones who book at the Disney hotels. With a significantly reduced park capacity, I imagine Disney's going to want as many of those guests as possible staying on property for the added revenue. I'm primarily...
  2. SuddenStorm

    Should Cars be Cancelled?

    A book I wish would get written is a record of each major animatronic figure in the park, as well as other famous set pieces in famous attractions. Like the Auctioneer- how much of the current figure is the one from '67? I'm guessing none. But then, when was it swapped? Or, how much of each of...
  3. SuddenStorm

    Politics Jungle Cruise Update

    Both women seem remarkably accomplished- but Disneyland is a different beast entirely, especially when talking about Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise. The folks who led the Splash Mountain project back in the late '80s- primarily Bruce Gordon and Tony Baxter- are perhaps the two biggest...
  4. SuddenStorm

    Politics Jungle Cruise Update

    It's interesting, isn't it? Especially when Carmen is speaking about attractions that have defined Disneyland for generations. The two biggest names I saw in the Disney Parks Blog article when they announced the Splash change are Charita Carter (Senior Creative Producer) and Carmen Smith...
  5. SuddenStorm

    Disney California Adventure to launch food experience in March

    Yes, that haunted mansion gargoyle. Best thing they've come out with in years.
  6. SuddenStorm

    Disneyland donations by the numbers during the pandemic - OCR/SCNG

    Talk about a comment that's aged like milk. Suddenly Dr. Moreno got to see what Anaheim is like without Disneyland- and it isn't pretty.
  7. SuddenStorm

    News Joe Rohde Retiring

    From what I understand, in Joe Rohde's first meeting at Virgin Galactic he suggested they repaint each of their spacecraft gold, and glue pipes on the outside for better aerodynamics.
  8. SuddenStorm

    All things Magic Mountain

    Talk about a ride that opened and no one cared. I remember there being some hype around Twisted Colossus. But West Coast Racers? 😴😴😴
  9. SuddenStorm

    Reopening Disneyland

    I had the chance to catch up with a friend who works in finance at Universal... while not directly related to Disneyland it is tangentially related. Management at Universal Hollywood is fed up with the closure and recognizes how ridiculous it is to be closed with Florida and Japan open...
  10. SuddenStorm

    Disneyland and Disney World lay off 28,000 employees amid pandemic struggles - OCR/SCNG

    I knew management at one DCA location that didn't care about the Disney Look- they'd allow people to work with visible tattoos, hair, etc that wouldn't fly in Disneyland proper.
  11. SuddenStorm

    Disney California Adventure to launch food experience in March

    It might be naive and impractical- but I like that so far, Disneyland has remained closed instead of a partial reopen. DCA doesn't have a berm or the mystique that Disneyland has. I'd rather the general public doesn't witness a Disneyland without rides operating, area entertainment, etc for...
  12. SuddenStorm

    Disney California Adventure to launch food experience in March

    Disneyland Resort's backstage kitchen culture is really quite something. Each location has a 'chef', but they aren't chefs like how a chef would function outside the park where they develop menus and run the kitchen on their own volition. They're given limited menu control and are more just...
  13. SuddenStorm

    Reopening Disneyland

    Yep, reopening will likely take longer then it would had the park reopened in July of last year as initially intended. First, TDA will have to contact every furloughed manager and see who's actually coming back. And if my Linkedin is any indication, many have moved on to new jobs. Then they'll...
  14. SuddenStorm

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    I had no idea Wally Boag guest starred on the Muppet Show. Definitely worth checking out on Disney Plus, I greatly enjoyed the episode.
  15. SuddenStorm

    Surprise! Stay-At-Home Order Now Lifted; Downtown Disney Restaurants???

    Happy birthday! Make it a great one.
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