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    Be My Guest! Sharing.

    Haven't tried it yet but I have read many people share at Flame Tree BBQ at AK.
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    Essential Movies to Watch Before First Trip

    Wow, thats a lot of catching up to do!:wave:
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    Bored watching Disney on YouTube and...

    Here is a couple of our favs that we love to watch
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    Me again! Flight prices are slightly cheaper at end of August, I am guessing that this would be busier than end of July? and even hotter?
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    Surprising Children 10 & 15

    They have been to DLPR but not Orlando. Planning on a villa
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    Surprising Children 10 & 15

    :wave:Can anyone point me to the direction of any previous posts for ideas? I have a 10 yr old boy and 15yr old girl (stepchildren). I am looking for ideas of how to surprise them with a 2week trip to Orlando. Thanks
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    July (or August) We are planning to go to Disney in July 2012. My stepdaughter is 15 so we cannot take her out of school. Is July really a bad time to go. I am thinking of the heat and the queues. I know it will be busy. I have been at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
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