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Recent content by Stitchaholic

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    Alice In Wonderland DVD

    You should definetly upgrade! the DVD has One hour in wonderland tv show with walt disney, Alice comedy from the 30s, deleted scenes with katherine beaumont, tv shows, trailers, intros by walt disney and more. :D
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    $3 off Alice in Wonderland

    Wal-Mart in this part of the states is selling it for $15.87
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    Ed Wood DVD?

    I bought the Ed Wood -Special Edition- DVD at blockbuster for 23.99! I have my copy yay!!!! :D
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    The Lion King DVD Changes

    there's no Original Theatrical in the DVD is just the Special EDition without the Morning Report! :mad: :fork:
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    Snapshoots of SB and LK DVD features!

    Ultimate Disney.com-Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
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    Two Platinum Releases a Year Starting in 2004

    the news was taken from Ultimatedisney.com. HD-DVD will be back compatible with present DVDs so if you dont have to buy new dvds unless you want the movie in high definition. of course tvs will be highdefinition by then. :)
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    I just saw treasure planet

    i will be watching Treasure Planet in IMAX and Widescreen! one after the other! :)
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    Country Bears DVD

    im glad Walt is not here to see this! :cry:
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    Lilo and Stich DVD News

    the collector's edition is rumoured to be released january 28th, 2003!!! im getting both editions
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    Spirited Away

    i dont know if i get your question but i'll take a shoot at it Princess mononoke is a different flick from Spirited Away. :D
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    Walt Disney Treasure Wave 3 Announced !

    As of right now, the next Treasures for December, 2003 are "Mickey Mouse in Living Color - Part 2" "Disney: The Wartime Years" (including "Victory Through Air Power) "The Chronological Donald"
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    Princess Diaries DVD pulled?

    well the movie club has tittle that are OOP like ducktales the movie they carry it and also the spirit of mickey which you cant get anywhere else
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    New Movies Coming Soon...

    i personally cant wait for Treasure Planet! im gonna go see it IMAX! it looks awesome!
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    Disney Sequels

    Pocahontas and pocahontas 2
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    Princess Diaries DVD pulled?

    i really dont know but is some legal problem. i know we'll soon learn about it
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