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  1. Steel City Magic

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    So now with the parks closed, I know that means they are losing money and will most likely scale back alot of plans, but does it also mean that construction may ramp up ahead of schedule since they don't have to contend with daily crowds?
  2. Steel City Magic

    mine ride for BIG PEOPLE..

    Let. This. Thread. Die.
  3. Steel City Magic

    News Tomorrowland love

    I'd rather a string of movies based on the Disney Kingdoms Comics Series (plural) they work really well to flesh out stories for rides (with Imagineer input, and I wish were 100% canon)
  4. Steel City Magic

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    S as in Superman... It's a flying launch coaster...
  5. Steel City Magic

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    Not gonna lie, he looks like a homeless addict to me. I am NOT a fan of these ren and stimpified disney toons.
  6. Steel City Magic

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Thanks mike, I know what shirt I'm wearing to disney in august...
  7. Steel City Magic

    News D23 Expo 2017

    I was mostly on the badwagon until I saw the concept for the mickey ride. Go with a classic mickey and friends, and I'm all for it. This new style of disney toons though? No way, no how.
  8. Steel City Magic

    News D23 Expo 2017

    When are the zoogs coming to tomorrowland?
  9. Steel City Magic

    News D23 Expo 2017

    Lol I'm at work...
  10. Steel City Magic

    News D23 Expo 2017

    If it does well, I could see a presence in tomorrowland. Edit: to me it'd at least fit better than laugh floor or buzz.
  11. Steel City Magic

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Any word on cast costumes for the land? (The run of the mill greeters and ride operators, QS staff etc?).
  12. Steel City Magic

    (CONFIRMED!) Moana is going to meet in AdventureLand during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

    Do NOT get rid of tiki room, but I believe a M&G would be great. I don't think they should build attractions for new movies. M &Gs and mechandise sure as they can be easily swapped for the flavor of the month, but maybe put a 10 year mandate on IPs to see if the popularity holds up first...
  13. Steel City Magic

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    And the possible CoCo redo in Mexico...
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