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Sorcerer Jen

Well I'm Jen and I'm 20 from Belfast, Northern Ireland! I'm currently doing a University Acess Course in Computing, Business and Multimedia and hope to attend The Ulster University Jordanstown next year to study Computing. All my life I've been obsessed with Disney (my friends call me the Disney guru hehe) and I've been to WDW 7 times and DLP 2 times. Walt Disney World is where I consider my true home as I feel so happy and peaceful there. I doubt I'll ever grow up to be honest :) and I love that Disney is magic for everyone aged 0-100! Hope to get to know you all better xx

Everything Disney, seeing friends, Clubbing, Travelling, Going on random adventures, Seeing my boyfriend etc
May 19, 1989 (Age: 30)
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Favorite Park
Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction
Soarin' and Fantasmic! :)
Favorite Parade
Hmmm it was Main Street Electrical but I also love Spectromagic
Favorite Firework Show
Illuminations but also love Wishes :)
Favorite Resort
Walt Disney World
Favorite Restaurant
Rainforest Cafe or Planet Hollywood
Last Visit to WDW
July 2008
Favorite Character
Sorcerer Mickey
Favorite Disney Movie
Beauty And The Beast, Fantasia, Lion King
Number of WDW Trips


Windows Live
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