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  • Hey..PM me details on how to order a cake from you..:)

    I would love to get a cake for Maggies bday in August!
    Hi! I see that you are about to go to Disney this Sept. We went last Sept and it was wonderful!! Have a great trip!:wave:
    I got the pins you sent to me. Thanks a Million. These will add nicely to my collection which is somewhere in the neighborhood of about 350 pins.
    Cool. :cool: We have Very Good friends in Houma too. Was there today to see movies. Also have family in Raceland & Lockport.
    Sure do know where that is. My Grandparents live in Thib., My aunt in Schriever and our very good friends in Houma. I can say we hang out in that area alot!
    Thanks & You are right. I do hear that alot, but I don't mind hearing it alot more. I live in Cut Off which is about an hour southeast of New Orleans. It is near Houma if you know where that is.
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