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  1. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Pretoria Disney Resort

    And also a Verb MNG (I imagine him to be a face character. I wonder how many black people with chest hair Disney can actually find...)
  2. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard++ Overhaul Concept

    Is Verb in it? He's my favorite... (and the entire reason I even like SHR in some form anyway, I've grown out of it and consider it narnar now)
  3. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    The New Wonders of Life

    Can we just have Ant-Man and the Wasp go inside Falcon or some other Marvel hero I like (Hawkeye, Black Panther) and call that Body Wars? No? Because Comcast is an idiot?
  4. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard++ Overhaul Concept

    Can we have a meet and greet with Verb (my avatar, most underrated Disney character) and some other SHR characters? It'd be nice to see another black superhero and his crew get represented in the parks.
  5. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    But Body Wars satisfied an interest of mine and that is the inside of the human body. This is most unorthodox. If the Marvel Universal deal did not exist, I'd call for an Ant-Man and the Wasp attraction where they travel inside Falcon to go in the WoL pavilion. Kids need to learn about their...
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  7. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    haha my avatar

    haha my avatar
  8. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    WestCOT Idea

    We need a WestCOT. And WestCOT needs Body Wars. But not the original version because that is too outdated. Because everything nowadays needs an IP on it to sell, I'd retheme Body Wars to Marvel. STORY! Falcon is injured in a fight. Ant-Man and the Wasp shrink themselves and the riders to go...
  9. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    An Idea a day keeps the Doctors Away (Daily Open Brainstorming Prompts)

    Not on topic, but a Hawkeye-themed ride for DCA.
  10. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    What’s Your Favorite Fun Park After Disney ❓

    Six Flags and IoA because I'm a comic book nerd (I only like the Disney parks for their Marvel and Star Wars stuff)
  11. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Guess who's back and a Marvel fan again?

    Guess who's back and a Marvel fan again?
  12. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Alien Encounter 2018

    It's TOM you dolt
  13. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    *CONFIRMED* Cranium Command & Body Wars Current State

    Some quote from some dumb Marvel cartoon I don't even care about anymore. As you can see, I'm a DC fan who only likes Disney for Star Wars now. Yeah. Six Flags is best IMO. Cyborg is hot.
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