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    Arrival time at Hollywood Studios..

    Hi everyone, I'm visiting the park this Sunday and am not an annual pass holder, nor am I staying on property. I read the park opens at 10:00. I also read I need to go to the ticket line to get my card or a wristband, then proceed to the gates. Does anyone want to take a guess at how much time...
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    Aerosmith rockin roller coaster question...

    Literally, I just laughed out loud at the "chicken exit" comment!! That's my son! I'm dying to go on it, but he's my little chicken. I'm not above bribing him. I got him to do the Hulk coaster at Universal, but It costs me a hulk buster action figure. LOL!!
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    Apologies...I'm sure this has been asked before:

    I'm new here. I've only been to WDW one time, years ago. I'm taking my 10-year-old this June. Which rides (in all parks) should I keep a close eye on, as far as getting a fast pass for? I read non-hotel guests have a hard time getting passes for certain rides, especially in the summer. Is this...
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    Aerosmith rockin roller coaster question...

    Does the Aerosmith rocking roller coaster have a wait room/parent swap room for kids who aren't tall enough? ALso, is this ride a popular one that I will have problems getting a fast pass in for? (going in June).Thanks!
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