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  1. sgtbtlbailey

    Garbage Can Liners

    We stayed at POFQ in November and there weren't bags in the trash cans when we arrived. After our first night when we were offered the $10/day resort credit to waive housekeeping by the front desk, I brought it up to the CM because he was telling us we could still put our trash outside for...
  2. sgtbtlbailey

    News Incident at Spaceship Earth today (3/16/19)

    And some of those are super creepy!! Yet we keep going every year :joyfull: The kids love the Polar Express ride.
  3. sgtbtlbailey

    News Tony's Most Merriest Town Square Party comes to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party for 2018

    Isn't that what they're hoping for..........that you'll pay $99 and spend 15 minutes in there, never to return? I am cracking up at all of these comments today, so thank you all for helping me laugh through a Friday at work. The comments are all true, but the added wit is great. :hilarious:
  4. sgtbtlbailey

    News Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away show closing for several weeks

    This stinks........we're leaving on the 17th. We've never seen this show before, but our 7 year old is a huge SW fan. Guess he can't miss what he doesn't know about. :confused:
  5. sgtbtlbailey

    News 'Disney After Hours' ticketed event

    My mistake. I only recall ever buying them at City Hall the day of, but that was a long time ago. I just remember being able to ride more in an hour during E-ride nights than I could all day. Getting off rides and being able to just walk right back on multiple times with no wait. It was...
  6. sgtbtlbailey

    News 'Disney After Hours' ticketed event

    One of the greatest things I remember about E-ride nights was that you could only purchase them IN the park the day of, so you really only had to pay the extra $30 on top of the admission you'd already paid for to add an extra 3 hours to your day. Now you're basically paying the full day's...
  7. sgtbtlbailey

    Scariest Animatronic ?

    If you've ever read the Kingdom Keepers series, the whole ride gives me the heebie jeebies now and I like IASW........
  8. sgtbtlbailey

    Port Orleans

    We haven't stayed in them, but the royal rooms are at POR, not FQ. They look really cool though, so I definitely think its worth a try once, just to see. Especially if you have little ones.
  9. sgtbtlbailey

    To launder or not to launder...

    OMG I laughed out loud (at work!) when I read this and your Pleakley avatar only added to it. :hilarious:
  10. sgtbtlbailey

    'Magical Holidays Package' resort discount now available to book

    I will have to give them a call tonight and see if they'll split it like that. Thank you.
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