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Recent content by Scott Redding

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    "Cancelled" Annual Passes Still Active?

    That is what I thought- thanks for confirming!
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    "Cancelled" Annual Passes Still Active?

    I received a refund check as well, but I believe it was for the time period they were closed from March until July as I had opted for the refund over the extension back around May. I then called back early August to cancel my AP for the remaining time left on it. The cast member said I would...
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    Any news on Disney Visa discounts for 2014?

    Hi! First time poster, long time reader. I'm planning on going to WDW in February of next year. I went this year (2013) at that time and got discounts on my stay and free dining because I had the Disney Visa which was offered this time of the year last year. I haven't seen these offers this...
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