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  1. rileyspaw

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    I didn't take the time to count the days but we are going on our 2nd DISNEY CRUISE JULY 6-11 to celebrate my wife's 60th B-day and our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. Our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter got the connecting cabin so it should be a great time!
  2. rileyspaw

    Which Lodge (AKL or WL) do you like better and why?

    Nothing beats the authentic atmosphere of ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE. It all fits at Disney's BEST resort IMO!:sohappy:
  3. rileyspaw

    A look at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort holiday decorations for 2009

    I find nothing more beautiful or impressive than the giant CHRISTMAS tree in the lobby at ANIKAL KINGDOM LODGE!:xmas:
  4. rileyspaw

    best resort?

    ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE! You'd swear you were staying in AFRICA!!:lol:
  5. rileyspaw

    How strict is the cruise line on ages for the kids clubs?

    When we did our cruise our daughter-in-law signed our granddaughter up for club activities at the service desk in the terminal before boarding the WONDER. The girl at the desk was very cooperative and I'm sure will be helpful in giving you what you want. Remember DISNEY is in the business of...
  6. rileyspaw

    Holiday decorations now in place at the Magic Kingdom

    Nothing matches the feeling you get in WDW at CHRISTMAS time even when you're being clipped in the heels by a stroller!:lol: It's a beautiful and fun time to be there!!:xmas:
  7. rileyspaw

    MK to Fort Wildnerness (HDD)

    The ferry ride is so much more enjoyable too!
  8. rileyspaw

    Who do you use to develop your photos?

    I'm a scrapbooker and have printed 1,000's of pics over the years using WALMART. Most of the times my pics were fine BUT the times I did have a problem they were more than willing to work with me and correct the problem to my satisfaction.
  9. rileyspaw

    Here now - no crowds

    Many kids back in school may have something to do with it. ENJOY yourself! I envy you being there at this time of the year.:wave:
  10. rileyspaw

    Peter Pan temporarily closed...

    PETER PAN ride is a classic IMO! We need to keep more of the classics for "older" park visitors. I'm 60 now but I remember being a kid too and this is one of the rides that brings back good memories.
  11. rileyspaw

    What is your Top 5 Rides Top 5 Restaurant's and Top 5 Hotel's

    Rides 1. Soarin 2. Pirates 3. Haunted mansion 4. Safari 5. Expedition everest restaurants 1. Sci fi 2. Cinderella's castle 3. Whispering canyon 4. Rose & crown 5. Crystal palace hotels 1. Animal kingdom lodge 2. Wilderness lodge 3. Old key west 4. Polynesian 5. Coronado springs
  12. rileyspaw

    ECV abuse caught on camera...

    I dislike the little smile or smirk on his face because he knows he's getting away with something he shouldn't be doing. By the looks of the guy a little walking wouldn't hurt him!!:lookaroun
  13. rileyspaw

    Kermit & Miss Piggy

    MISS PIGGY and KERMIT were located where you exited the MUPPETVISION Show for a meet and greet of pictures and autographs. They both actually stamped their "signatures" on the page in your autograph book.
  14. rileyspaw

    WDW Food Picture of the Day

    Excuse me while I clean my monitor screen. I find myself licking it with every picture posted!:slurp:
  15. rileyspaw

    Won YOMD prize twice!

    CONGRATULATIONS! You experienced "DISNEY MAGIC" firsthand by making someone else happy! That, in my opinion, is what it's all about!
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