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  • I hate that! The last week is always torture...esp the day before you leave! I usually end up making a bunch of lists at work to keep my mind occupied (packing list, to do list...) They might as well give employees a freebie vacation day the day before you leave on vacation because it's impossible to get any work done!
    I'm seriously jealous. I love coconut and almonds on their own...but combined....heaven help me...

    I've never eaten there for dinner. I may have to swap some ADRs around to fit in a dinner (in addition to the breakfast I already have planned there!!!)
    Yeah, things are a mess around here. All the fishermen are scrambling to catch what they can before the oil hits all the Louisiana waterways. Shrimp went from $3 to $10 a pound in a couple days. Hopefully it doesn't reach the freshwater and destroy the crawfish :(

    But on to happier things :) Hope your trip goes well...at least WDW is inland and won't be affected!!! I saw Kona Cafe is your fav restaurant...LOVE the macadamia pancakes!!! It's making me hungry just thinking about it...sadly I'm eating a banana instead, haha! Not quite the same...
    i got ten of them booked, still 10 to go but most i shouldnt have any problem with!! We never book this much but had it not been 4 the free dining and the resort discount we wudnt be going til next year
    Thank you! YES! We are so excited about this trip!! I see that you will be there a day after our departure :D Let's have a great planning and vacation~!!
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