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Recent content by PRNCSAurora

  1. PRNCSAurora

    A purple MagicBand coming soon?

    Hopefully it will be added in the next year. My daughter would love a purple band!
  2. PRNCSAurora

    Disney to reinvent the theme park shopping experience with new mobile app - Shop Disney Parks

    I'm very excited about this! Maybe I can finally find a good hoodie since I only go down I the summer.
  3. PRNCSAurora

    Attractions you're glad they got rid of?

    Yes! My husband and I went in and then walked into the next room trying to find the show/ride/something! I agree with the most recent Backlot Tour. I loved it as a kid and brought my husband on it without realizing the changes. Oops.
  4. PRNCSAurora

    The Diamond Horseshoe closing for lengthy refurbishment.

    I would love to see it open up again with a show. I remember seeing the show as a young kid; my dance teacher was one of the dancers.
  5. PRNCSAurora

    Why don't they sell that?

    I loved these as a child! These would be perfect in the parks.
  6. PRNCSAurora

    Why don't they sell that?

    A good sweatshirt that is disney but understated. I have looked my last three trips and have found nothing. Also players of the attractions. My daughter had been creating a pretend dumbo ride and small world with her little people.
  7. PRNCSAurora

    If you could add a dark ride to Fantasyland...

    I would love a Sleeping Beauty ride or a ride featuring Mickey and the gang.
  8. PRNCSAurora

    Sad News: Three-year-old drowns at Art of Animation Pool

    That is so horrible. I can't imagine how the parents are dealing.
  9. PRNCSAurora

    What's your favorite WDW attraction song old or new????

    I love Tomorrow's Child and "One Little Spark" still. Soarin' has to be one of my favorite current songs. An aside: I danced to "Making Memories" as a young child (about 27 years ago) and I had no clue it was a DIsney song.
  10. PRNCSAurora

    The Postivie Disney Thread

    I love the extra attention the cast members go to make children happy. So many went out of the way to do something special for my daughter (2) at our last trip.
  11. PRNCSAurora

    Favourite feature at WDW

    Just outside of Main Street. It's the most magical place for me.
  12. PRNCSAurora

    Does it ever surprise anyone how long you can wait on hold for?

    I think during the busy times that's not too crazy. My husband spent over an hour three days in a row to talk to someone at verizon.
  13. PRNCSAurora

    The upstairs Image Works, 2014 edition

    I loved going up there as a kid. My brother and I could spend hours there. I felt that way about a lot of the older Epcot "post show" areas. It's really a shame.
  14. PRNCSAurora

    Trip Report Protect the Dolls!-Our 1st Anniversary Trip Report!

    Great report so far! Happy belated anniversary. DH and I went for our first anniversary too ( though we didn't get married in WDW :( ) We are heading back for our 5th anniversary soon. Love the bow!
  15. PRNCSAurora

    Sharing memory maker

    Great. Thanks!
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