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    is there bus parking at hotel

    I guess it really doesn’t matter what type of bus. I do not recall any dedicated parking for busses at any of the hotels we have stayed at. The parking areas of deluxe hotels are actually the smallest and most compact in my opinion. DVC lots especially at OKW and Saratoga are rather small as...
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    is there bus parking at hotel

    Which hotel and what type of bus?
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    Fort Wilderness Cabins stay

    Cabins do not have firepits.
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    Lost and Found - success!

    There are plenty of instances regarding good customer service, however many choose to only post about the occasional poor service.
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    BLT Disappointment

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    BLT Disappointment

    Lesson learned - do some research next time. For how often we have visited, we still do research before booking as there are constant changes.
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    News Disney to offer some Cast Members two days off this year with pay as part of the company's 'Power Up Days' mental health program

    As I understand it, it is two additional company holidays. The Friday before Memorial Day and Friday October 7th.
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    Unmagical Day at the Magic Kingdom

    JohnD, Grammar Police!
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    CBR vs SSR

    For us, the nearer location to Disney Springs is a major plus as we enjoy the short walk. We usually have a car so the bus situation is normally not an issue. The Grandstand area is a close second - cannot go wrong with either location.
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    Tough decision here

    Depends on which parks you plan on spending the most time. If it is Hollywood Studios and Epcot, then the Dolphin. Can walk to the parks and have the option of the Boardwalk area. If it is Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, consider Port Orleans FQ. Have to bus to those parks from either resort...
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    CBR vs SSR

    Another vote for SSR. I am not a fan of CBR, but that is my opinion. The addition of of the Skyliner is an obvious plus but the resort as a whole seems too crowded. At SSR, we like the extra room especially with a 2 BR unit. Even though we don’t cook, the kitchen comes in handy for breakfast...
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    Current Yacht and Beach Exterior Refurb

    We just got back last night from a four night stay at the Yacht Club. The exterior refurb is on rather small section nearer to the Beach Club, close to Beaches and Cream. Did not see any work being sone over the weekend and the only noise we heard was on Monday morning well past 9 am and that...
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    I-95 snow storm disaster

    Traveling several times from New England at the end of January/beginning of February, we have altered plans a few times. At least twice we have left home a day or two early to beat incoming snowstorms. On one occasion we were staying at the Treehouses but had to spend the extra early two nights...
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    They are baack

    I have experienced it numerous times.
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