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  1. Pleakley

    Less expensive non-reservation food options

    Les Halles at Epcot and Wolfgang Puck Express at DS have very good food for being quick service, and I'm snobby. Blaze Pizza at DS is good for the price. Flower and Garden should still be going on, I can usually make a meal between the better booths and a few other snacks. The Kringla Bakeri in...
  2. Pleakley

    What’s Wrong With Disney World Restaurants...

    One of my favorite things to do now is to go to a Signature/better TS or lounge outside of one (ie: Territory Lounge) and just get appetizers. You can spend the same or less and imo get more/better food than with one of the $50 entrees. My theory is that because more guests are on the regular...
  3. Pleakley

    News New Pixar-themed children's experience coming to Disney’s Contemporary Resort

    I'm tired of "Pixar" as a theme. Though this at least is pretty benign.
  4. Pleakley

    News Typhoon Lagoon nighttime ticketed event begins this summer

    This actually sounds pretty cool as a night owl who easily sunburns, I agree however that the price is steep for three hours. Last time I tried to get there by bus it took so long, now that you have to transfer at DS instead of it taking you directly there. Just logistically it's going to be...
  5. Pleakley

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Disney better have some decent discounts lined up for the coming months to make up for this. Looking up rates for next month, it's over $600 for a standard room at BWI, and about $400 at the Swan, including resort fees. Now that both are charging about the same for parking, that really takes...
  6. Pleakley

    New gastropub to replace Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club

    The lounge looks like they used leftovers from the Flying Fish reno, albeit it does serve the intimate space better. The restaurant looks like a less classy version of the Wentworth by the Sea dining room in Newcastle, NH. I don't think going with beiges and seafoam or is a bad design choice...
  7. Pleakley

    Kimonos at The Swan

    Went in April. So fun and such high quality sushi! Not cheap but not really more expensive than other places on property.
  8. Pleakley

    Totally booked!?!

    My advice would be to keep checking, at least if you're not itching to make fast passes/reservations. We'll be going in three weeks, and the room and price we wanted just became available today. We had something else booked but were able to change it since it was not a package. Disney hardcore...
  9. Pleakley

    Bottled water in Club Level

    At the BWI you have to ask for individual Dasani bottles, but they do have them out back and will give you as many as you ask for, as often as you ask. Don't know why they hide them, seems like it creates more work. Keep in mind though that they are the tiny single serving bottles that fit in a...
  10. Pleakley

    Grand Avenue and Baseline Tap House

    Kinda disappointed there aren't more food options, that would be the difference in making it more of a "destination" for me. It's similar to Abracadabar in that respect. I know it makes it cheaper to operate and better curates the crowd, but still. Maybe if the drink menu was bigger it would...
  11. Pleakley

    New gastropub to replace Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club

    Yes I could discuss all day what I don't like about the design, but the reality is, this bland nonsense is a poor business decision. They are fooling themselves to keep thinking that the major draw to YC and the like is the proximity to the parks. Once they get spruced up some more, maybe. But...
  12. Pleakley

    Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2017

    When purchasing tickets online, does it lock in an absolute date for you, or could you attend a different night that was the same price or cheaper? I always assumed the former, but just curious if it would still scan.
  13. Pleakley

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    Give it time before they create the "gross out" merchandise line of magical Disney poop! They are selling items (purses?) designed to resemble 90's vhs tapes, it has to be next.
  14. Pleakley

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    Pardon me if I am late to the party, but they are now selling t-shirts to commemorate the final showings of Wishes. They say something like "Farewell Fireworks 2017". Because why not profit off something that has been due for an update the entire decade....
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