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  1. Pirate665

    CM Attacked at ToT

    I've been punched before while working ToT. It's not fun. The sheriff's ask you a ton of questions, all while your coordinator and area supervisor are pressing on you to let them handle the situation. I was told that I could press charges, but that I'd have to go to court and that the process...
  2. Pirate665

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    "That Spaceship Earth ride may have been nearly an hour and a half long, but I really felt like I learned something. Especially when it came to that rant on the way back down on who gave whom the right to dictate how language is formed..."
  3. Pirate665

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    I can tell you from personal experience, the new ramps are not very easy to push a wheelchair up.
  4. Pirate665

    Serial Stroller Thief Caught!

    This is a problem not just with the designer strollers too. We have a medical stroller that is in the thousands and I've caught several would-be thieves trying to pinch it. We now have a GPS locator on it just in case.
  5. Pirate665

    Sentinel - Disney World draining, filling in long-abandoned River Country pool

    You should know, if it's to do with DVC, they'll always build more.
  6. Pirate665

    Haunted Mansion Nightmare Before Christmas?

    HMH is not coming to WDW. NBC is exclusively DL, and it's creators seem to like it that way.
  7. Pirate665

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Quick everyone, look at the porthole in the ground. We are quickly leaving Moon Base Alpha for something new, something Spacey. Enjoyed that, turn your attention to the transporter because here's something new, something Alien-er! Enjoyed that, turn your attention to the holding containment unit...
  8. Pirate665

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I'm sorry to say, but yes, this is a long gone venture...
  9. Pirate665

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I'd be upset if they put in a theater system like Minions. The Minions system is identical to the Jimmy Neutron which was identical to Hanna-Barbara. I remember riding Jimmy Neutron and going, "Wow, they changed nothing." And when they put in Minions, I went "They aren't gonna change a thing."...
  10. Pirate665

    Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

    Should I add in memory years to my EPCOT tattoo?
  11. Pirate665

    2015 theme park attendance

    Actually TWDC is a member of TEA and provides the numbers. It's part of membership. Not only that, but many of Disney's divisions are also members of TEA. Wether how accurte they are are up to the member being honest.
  12. Pirate665

    A Spirited Dirty Dozen ...

    Okay, let's please get back on track now please...
  13. Pirate665

    Disney After Hours Event

    Let's get this convo back on track please and not degrade into insults.
  14. Pirate665

    DINOSAUR closed for refurbishment July 25 - November 20 2016

    People keep saying reptile like, but the fact is the JP movies based the movements on birds. This was even acknowledged in the film. "They're uh... flocking this way..." So the reptile argument is not really an argument. This is a movie series that has established the relation to birds. The only...
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