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Recent content by philbrody

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    Ethics / Loopholes

    Ethics themselves are not exactly cut and dry in many cases. I make multiple ADR's since I dont know when closing will be and I like to have the reservation starting 4 hours prior to closing. Get out, do three FP's, and leave the park. Ethical? I think so, but the OP probably doesn't. I can...
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    No doubt my teen girls who are very independent at home but still want to be kids at Disney will want to do this. they are 19 & 16 and still like coloring the duffy bear. any news on age restricting?
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    Theme Park Game Changers

    virtual queues and front of the line access. I've gotten so spoiled with not waiting I literally wont go into a theme park unless I don't have to wait in line.
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    Owner's Locker

    Have used it for years. We mostly keep stuff you need every now and then and dont want to repack every time. Febreeze spray, laundry detergent (the one we get in the villa gives my daughter a rash), couple bottles of alcohol, etc. We also keep spare items you may or may not need. Deck of...
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