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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    I don’t know if this has been said before on this forum but about a week before ROTR opening the ride supposedly kept catching on fire, which is why there were also no cast previews
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    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Cast members get assigned to clean the touch points multiple times a day. Doesn’t make it perfect with the thousands of guests entering the park each hour but they do clean the touch points. Also, it is not a finger print only a picture of your finger and the pressure points being measured.
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    Unpopular WDW Opinions

    I’m sure this might’ve been posted already but I’m not reading 34 pages right now.... Unpopular opinon: I really dislike Pandora & think the only good thing is flight of passage. The whole land is just slightly foreign looking plant and “bioluminescence” at night which I feel they could’ve...
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    Hanging man in streaching room?

    Went on the haunted mansion today and didn’t notice the hanging man in the stretching room? I don’t know if the lights were dimmer than usual or if I just missed it completely. Anyone know what this is about ?
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    Rumor Wonders of Life getting an attraction soon?

    As long as it's used for something other than festival/shopping purposes new any new breath of life is welcome to me
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    how will IP attractions hold up

    That's more of how I wanted to word it in my original post but I had a brain fart. As many have pointed out virtually ever ride in Disney is based off of an IP but I think the problem comes when popular IP based attractions are introduced because they are a hot topic at the time or because they...
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    how will IP attractions hold up

    Right, I feel like they want to get IP's in as quickly as possible and in turn create rides/park theming that isn't going to last in the long run I just worry that the modge podge of IPs will backfire when there ends up being no theme and they eventually have to do another overhaul to fix it
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    how will IP attractions hold up

    Disney is obviously going in the direction of adding rides based on popular IPs to the parks and if that's a good or bad thing is neither here nor there. But I was thinking about how some of these IPs will hold up in 10+ years (for example Gaurdians) and what Disney might do if these IPs become...
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    So is anyone not going anymore? (I'm still a fan. lol)

    Still going but skipping out on Hollywood Studios for the time being and trying to go when the crowds are on the lower side .... well what qualifies for low crowds lately lol
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    Service Dogs

    No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a service animal
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    Worst Animatronics

    The disappointment comes from the fact that the ride was built at a time where the animatronics should have been much more advanced and aesthetically pleasing than they turned out to be. The whole ride was hastily and lazily done. It could have been a really good ride but look what we ended up...
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    Space mountain Queue

    Exactly! It's a good idea in theory but it just doesn't play out well. Especially SDMT. The line for that is already long let alone everyone going single file to play with the games for way too long. At least three times a cast member had to go over the loud speaker to remind people to keep moving.
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    Space mountain Queue

    Huh. I wonder if it's because people don't know how to move on when the line moves and it held lines up too much ? Waste of money and resources adding that if they don't use it when a million other things need to be added or fixed Oh well such is Disney
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    Space mountain Queue

    This is old news but I'm at Disney and went on Space Mountain yesterday and the games in the queue were off. Is this just and "off season" (not that any season is an off season anymore) thing or is it always off now? I haven't been to Disney in a few years so I'm not sure
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