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    New discounts announced for Walt Disney World Resort hotel stays

    I’ve been having trouble with my reservation, too. I’ve had to call to make my payments because it wouldn’t take my debit card or a Disney gift card. D today it wouldn’t change my reservation. But it finally worked. I would still wait on the phone, though, if I had to, to save $200.
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    New discounts announced for Walt Disney World Resort hotel stays

    2 hour+ wait time to speak to a rep.
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    Sad Day for us we just canceled our October trip for this year.

    Hang in there! It'll be 2021 before you know it.
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    When will you return?

    Was there last week and going back for a day this weekend. I live in Georgia. Wearing the mask at all times is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Planning my next big trip in October. The low crowds have been great!
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    News PHOTOS - Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom to receive enhancements this summer

    Saw it today. Looks good in pictures. Looks terrible in person to me. The gray bricks just don’t look good with the pink. I thought the original coloring tied everything together. This one just sticks out a little more against everything.
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    The Great Movie ride vs Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway poll

    I rode MMRR for the first time yesterday, and it exceeded my expectations. Disney did a great job with the ride. It wins for me.
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    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    What makes Splash Mountain my favorite ride is the story. I love that the rabbit goes searching for his "laughing place" ... and the trials and tribulations he has to face to get there before realizing that his laughing place is back home where he's from. I feel like we can all relate to that...
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    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Just got back from a trip to Galaxy's Edge. I absolutely loved Rise of the Resistance. Smuggler's Run wasn't my favorite... I just wanted to ride the ride instead of having to keep pressing buttons and take my eyes off the screen. The land is very beautiful, but it felt like some things were...
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    Fantasmic! Dragon missing? 2/1/2020

    Count me in the camp that prefers the version at Hollywood Studios. I was very underwhelmed with Disneyland's version and didn't care for the Pirates of the Caribbean sequence in the show either. The DHS show is one of my favorite Disney shows.
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    Have fun!

    Have fun!
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    Empty Attraction Experiences

    Rinding Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom by myself four or five times in a row during Disney After Hours.
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    No fastpass showing after Jan 25 for muppets?

    So does the lack of FastPass+ availability mean it is going to close for refurb? We have a first timer Muppets fan coming with us on a trip on January 31, and I’m nervous this won’t be open. They already got rid of the show in MK after we booked the trip. :p
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    News Tomorrowland love

    Why not keep the current sign until the new one is ready to be installed? It just looks odd without anything.
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    Best restaurants in Disney World..article

    While the food may not be the best at some of these places, I think the themes make them really cool. The atmosphere at BoG and Sci-Fi make them repeat restaurants for me.
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