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  1. PasstheDisneyPlease

    News New exhibit coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion Stave Church Gallery

    I feel as if I have found my people. Frozen was a nice movie, but whoever was in charge of "how to milk people" saw it as their new cash cow and went crazy. It broke my heart that the beautiful Stave Church building had to host this Frozen exhibit, when Frozen is everywhere! I'm so glad that...
  2. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Ladies! make up question

    I like a foundation primer that has spf in it, makes my skin soft! I'll usually use a tinted moisturizer for some coverage, and then a lip gloss or lip stain. If I'm feeling brave, I'll use eyeshadow as an eyeliner (it doesn't bleed as much), and skip the mascara. I'd love to see what you choose...
  3. PasstheDisneyPlease

    News 2018 ticket price increases

    I apologize that I didn't describe what I meant better. ): I was mainly thinking of ALL of the construction across property. Resort refurbs, DVC, Disney Springs, transportation (including roads), and park refurbs and expansions. It seems like a lot of projects are slated to end around 2021, so...
  4. PasstheDisneyPlease

    News 2018 ticket price increases

    I like b- but with the focus on "moderately". I feel like someone hit "full speed ahead" on the lever and it hasn't slowed down since 2011/2012. I haven't been able to do any digging, but is it only because of the Anniversary in 2021 that all this is going on? Will we get some sort of reprieve...
  5. PasstheDisneyPlease

    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    Of all the things to "blow" money on, this seems the most practical and reasonable. If a t-shirt costs 30-40$, you've got 3-4 Lyft rides (not Minnie Van) plus tip.
  6. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I'm excited for this! We won't be able to experience it though, as we'll be there three weeks prior. ): That just means that when we do get back down there, the kinks will be worked out and it will be "lived in" for a bit.
  7. PasstheDisneyPlease

    UPDATED - WDWMAGIC Weather Center

    I love watching the weather! Thanks for doing this!
  8. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Just downloaded the Lyft app!

    Sounds exciting! (I've been watching a lot of Father Brown on Netflix lately, so I imagined that being said in his voice. (;
  9. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Thanks, you too!

    Thanks, you too!
  10. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Early 1970s Tomorrowland

    Thanks for posting these! I love the "living history" of WDW!
  11. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Mobile Order now available for use with Disney Dining Plans

    I'm excited for the launch of this, but am nervous about exactly what you're talking about. I'm hoping no one "jumps the gun" and takes food that isn't theirs. (;
  12. PasstheDisneyPlease

    June Crowds...

    Thanks for the tip!
  13. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Random question: are you part of the "Disney For Families" Podcast? If so, love y'all!

    Random question: are you part of the "Disney For Families" Podcast? If so, love y'all!
  14. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Just downloaded the Lyft app!

    We're staying at 'Sports. (: Our 7 YO chose this year, so I'm hoping it will be fun!
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