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  • Thanks Amber. I have not been on the boards lately. Joe's mom died unexpectedly on December 4th. It's been pretty depressing around here lately. :( I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year.
    hey, Sophia, how's it goin? Just stopping by to wish you and Joe the Merriest of Christmases! May you truly be blessed!
    hi, Sophia! I'm glad Joe is okay now and that you had a good time.
    Its def too easy to take tons of pics at the World, that naturally have to be scrapbooked...and our winters make us just want to wrap up nice and cozy and scrap away, thinking of warm Florida!!
    Yes, my trip is coming up really soon...I am already packed!! I'm a pretty obsessive packer for trips!
    I will probably do a trip report, so you'll have to look for it! Should be lots of fun...thanks for the wishes!
    When he got into the accident the tow truck driver took his car to our dealership for free because he saw the Steeler's trailer hitch cover and license plate cover. :) The car was totaled but when we went to clean it out (what we could at least) we noticed that someone stole the trailer hitch cover. Joe was po'd about that one! That's so awesome that you both were able to get the time off and go together. Isn't the planning fun? Wait until you see TSM. It is incredible. I didn't do a trip report but Joe and I were there 3 weekends ago. I had to go to Tampa on business so he came with me, we extended the trip through the weekend and went to MK for a day and DHS for a day. TSM is amazing!
    oh my! I'm glad he is okay!! That's terrible; hopefully with a sound Steelers win and a great Disney trip he will be back to normal soon. I didn't think I wanted the summer to end and fall to start, but something just goes through my blood (must be the black and gold) when the Steelers are on!! Like I said, I am really glad Joe wasn't hurt. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to tell you, my co-teacher is coming with me on the trip. She had always wanted to go, and finally decided to join me after 7 years teaching together. I'm just amazed our boss let us off at the same time, but she did. So not solo, but sometime, I still would like to go solo. Who am I kidding, any trip is great! Have fun and post a TR when you come back!!
    I am packed and ready to go!! Yay! I just hope that the weather holds out. I will take lots of pictures. You do the same too. I can't wait to hear about your solo trip. Awesome.
    sooo, are you all packed for your trip? I'm so jealous; I can't wait for mine. I just can't believe I'm going for the 2nd time in one year!! You better be packed because I'm more than halfway packed and my trip isn't until the 19th of Oct.!! Have fun! Take lots of pics!
    he's wonderful! really a good baby. we're having his shower today (seeing as how he was earlier than expected, we haven't had it yet!!) thanks for asking.
    Guess what, Sophia! I'm an aunt! My sister had her baby on Thursday just after midnight, 4 weeks early. His name is Bennett Ryan and he is the cutest baby!
    This isn't our first trip. We usually go at least twice a year, but more like three times. We will be at the AKL this time and the rest of the family will be at the CBR.

    Nice to meet fellow Ohioans!
    Hey you are going to disney same time!!! We will be in on the 11th. The 12th we are wearing matching shirts because it will be our birthdays (my dh and I) Is this your first time? We are staying at WL =)
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