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  • Back in 2001 my sister went to the world and she started to cry during the opening of Animal Kingdom Park. She said you will see you will cry to at some point and I just laughed it off. She said most people cry at some point. Well my wife started to cry during Spectromagic and I lost it during Wished...I had been waiting since I was around 8 years old to see the fireworks in front of the castle. By the time I got there I was 40 years old, just 3 months after getting married. It was our dream vacation but we only did a little of what we wanted because we were not ready. Well we will be ready this time.Can't wait 92 days to goHave a great weekend it is beautiful here this weekend in Ottawa Canada
    Congratulations on the new house, that'll help fill your time till Disney. We are trying our first character meals, my choice not We are doing the Hoop Dee Doo show, CRT, Crystal Palace, and Garden Grill all for the first time. We are also doing our first tour, Around the World Segway tour. It's my boyfriends birthday and I've planned a special B-Day at the Califorinia Grill. We also choose the Deluxe plan so that we could enjoy lots of new restaurants. I can't wait to see all the holiday happenings. Our first trip was jan/feb 07
    Are you as excited as I am. This is our second trip, first during the holidays. It's taking forever to get here. I know it will go fast once were there though.
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