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    Current Status of Project

    Love the pic updates! :wave:
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    Prep & Landing Returning

    This would be great! I loved last years show and thought it would be great for a longer version! Can't wait!
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    Fantasy Land Expansion Pictures(Up to 3cranes on site now)

    Always love the pics! Thanks for the update!
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    Just back from a great trip Sept 17-25th!

    Great pics! It looked like no one else was around! :lookaroun
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    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    MNSSHP is so much fun! We (the adults) usually purchase the party t-shirt and wear it and our kids dress up in costumes. I have seen Master Yoda dressed up as Captain Jack a few times at the party! (well, not the little green guy as a pirate but the man himself :hammer:)
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    wdw halloween vs Christmas

    I have heard this about the MVMCP, but we would like to try it anyway. It seems the Halloween party is better by far than the Christmas party but the overall property decor for Christmas is a much better experience than just the MK halloween decorations.
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    shweeb: one-person monorail technology

    That would be quite a work out if used for a commute! :eek:
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    wdw halloween vs Christmas

    We love the MNSSHP and have gone many times, but we are skipping it this year and going down in December to catch the Christmas party and decorations. So I guess I will have a better idea soon! Can't wait! :sohappy:
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    We were chosen!

    Excellent! I like the SW pic!
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    Which ride is likely to close at Magic Kingdom?

    OUt of those listed I would see CBJ as the one to provide the most potential as far as location and impact to that part of the park. This area in Frontierland really needs something big IMHO.
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    My countdown begins

    Sorry to hear that it is a divorce trip, but I do hope it is a great trip for you to sort out some thoughts! Welcome to the boards. :wave:
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    Called Disney Dining, Got Interesting Info!

    This is odd info for someone to give out to a guest. Occupancy load for a space or building is based on the area. In this case the restaurant is an Assembly area and the occupancy would be determined by dividing the actual usable area (net area) of the public by 15 sq.ft. (less concentrated use...
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    Which park need to really expand?

    I voted AK but it is only slightly ahead of DHS in my mind. They both need more to attract guests and keep them there.
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    Best MNSSHP Experience???

    I really love the whole party and atmosphere but if I had to vote (and you made me choose) I picked the Parade! Very cool!
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    Official "Let the Memories Begin" Poll

    I feel like it is just a fill in. This could have been a really big event if based on WDW's 40th. What a shame. :(
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