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  1. MyDude

    Angels tell Anaheim they're opting out of their lease on Angel Stadium

    I salute you Darkbeer for all your work and effort! *salute*
  2. MyDude

    Mickey's Mix Magic - New Firework Show 2019

    oh c'mon! I thought their target audience is everyone with money willing to spend it?
  3. MyDude

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Construction/Specifics

    Since 8 was so divisive among fans, it'll be interesting to see how they get people excited about 9 as they were with 7 and 8. If 9 has the same reaction that it did with 8 then I could see some changes being made either at the executive level, or the direction they are going in, or maybe at...
  4. MyDude

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Construction/Specifics

    Exactly. It would make more sense if they just kept the park capacity at the amount it's currently at to help with the overall crowd distribution but that would mean less money for Disney so...
  5. MyDude

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Construction/Specifics

    Hey I'm new to the forum and I like the conversation that's happening and I wanted to join in with the cool kids. I can imagine that the first time people go on it after waiting the 3 1/2 hours will probably be a struggle trying to figure out how each of the controls works and "what does what"...
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