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  • Matt, I ran into you yesterday (9/17/10)..you were directing traffic to liberty square because enough people were packed, smushed, shoved, etc for the MSEP. I was sitting down right next to the native american statue. I was 99.9% it was you, but didn't say anything because you were busy, and I smelled like brazilian tourist group sunscreen and was still wet from splash mountain. I asked Michael where you went and he said you went backstage.
    Thanks for visiting "Themagical.nl"! :D This is Reighard from the staff of Themagical.nl saying hi and be sure to post your ideas/suggestions for the next new future simulation! :D

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    Have a magical day and happy belated bday too! :)


    Simulation Development Team/Co-Admin Themagical.nl
    Yeah, she's a friend of mine indeed. And yep, I know the Idol winner that first night as well. We were at school together for 3 years til I moved to another school.
    haha. I don't even remember the last time that was my display pic. Thanks for knowing who I am though! haha.
    I didn't go to celebration 25...I was in NYC ;_; When I bought the celebration 25 and your interview came up I stared and said to myself "M:S kid!"
    it wa ok, i was suppose to go to boston and the cape, but flight was canceled a few weeks ago and we couldnt find a flight, but we are able to go in august since that flight hasnt been canceled. i had a party, went to some fireworks, and called it a night
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