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    Saratoga Springs

    You can not rent the bikes over night. They have to be back by 5:00 p.m.
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    DVC - Jambo House vs Kidani Village

    If you have a rental car Kidani is better. You can park closer to your room and your car is in the shade. After walking miles at the park the last thing I want to do is make that long trek from jambo parking lot to the hotel.
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    Air Conditioning Trick

    Balloon won't work at AKL as they are banned. And at BCV and some other resorts they have removed the ceiling fans. Here is a link that may help.
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    Financing vs. Purchasing Upfront

    I would buy it using a credit card that earns points like a Chase card which earns 3 times the points per $1 spent on travel. Yes DVC is coded as travel. Then if you want switch to a card that offers 0% interest. Chase Ink Business is giving 80K points for spending $5000. Then you the 80K points...
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    Rented some points at Poly

    How was your stay using my points Scott? :)
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    News Snake Refused Entry to magic kingdom

    If it had just gone to DAK he would have been welcomed.
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    Worried about SSR...

    I think you will like being at SSR. There are 5 pools to use. Lots of kids activities though out the day. Renting bikes and riding around the resort or riding on the bike path that will take you to OKW. The are carousel horses for the kids to play on. And the spa is another great feature if you...
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    Saratoga Springs High Rock Pool

    Just returned yesterday and the slide was open
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    NO longer glasswear in DVC Studios???

    Our AKV stay last week had glasses and ceramic mugs. I prefer disposables though.
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    Weird DVC Question

    I wanted fresh towels so I asked housekeeping when they were outside my room and they gave me more towels. Oh and a tip to mousekeeping is a good idea :sohappy:
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    Disney free dining question

    well you can look at it this way. You did pay for it so its not like you are stealing it. I would go for it you paid for it!!!
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    Disney Dining Experience worth it??

    It depends on if you can get reservations at the places you want to dine. If you buy the DDP and you are not able to get a reservation then IMHO it's not worth it. Plus why would you want to be tied down to where you have to eat. I prefer a vacation that is not so structured.
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    Rainforest Cafe ADR's???

    Yes you can make reservations at DTD. I have one for Sept and have made them in the past. I call the RFC directly for my reservations
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