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    Pre-Trip We weren't going until 2020.... yeah right!

    Consider calling the hotel. See if they can provide one for you. Those stools are great. We use them in the kitchen as well. My kids use them in the car for long car rides. Helps keep their feet from dangling.
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    Does anyone ever give up on their planning and just go with it?

    Our last trip was last minute. My husband planned it. (We helped. He knows what we like.). He planned it in 1.5 weeks. We did everything we wanted. We went in July or August while kids were all still out of school. Take a break from planning
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    Special dining requirements question

    Thanks for sharing the update. A lot of people have trouble with chewing and or swallowing and need food in a puréed form.
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    Quick service spots to avoid

    The French fries, at Casey’s, had no taste. I kept eating more in order to reach the taste. I gave up after awhile. ....and the amount of salt....
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    Questions regarding air travel with little ones.

    I know many families who shared this with friends and family . See if you can borrow one.
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    2 parents - 3 kids.. stroller logistics help!

    I forgot, but i have doubled up, in the past, as a previous poster mentioned. It’s an idea. Can you take a cheap umbrella stroller and rig it so it hangs off the city mini until you are ready to use the umbrella stroller? I realize it is a bit of a waste of money, but i liked renting a city...
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    Hotels water supply

    I’ll throw something else out there because you have been open to possibilities... I hear you said the reaction to the water is immediate. (What a pain, but at least you have something to go off of.). I know, with contact allergies, you can react to something you were exposed to 2 or more weeks...
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    Hotels water supply

    I’ve felt like the taste of the tap water (rotten egg smell. What’s that called?) is more strong in some hotels versus others. We only go to Disney about once a year so I can’t do any solid tests. 😉. Good luck on your quests. I know contact allergies can be quite tricky.
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    Heat and humidity tips

    I have heard the tip of acclumating yourself by changing the temperature of your house. I feel like I do it naturally already, but might try it more.
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    Heat and humidity tips

    My tips are we use the cooling towels and any ole misting bottle. You only need one unless you want more. Just refill. Having met the other tips of being physically fit, proper weight, only drinking plenty of water, not eating foods that aren’t good for me and still feeling the effects of the...
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    I don't need the fries

    ...that does make it a little trickier....
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    I don't need the fries

    With all due respect, I think I’d pay the $2.00. Take the 2 sandwiches. Turned right around and offer the sandwich to the person behind me while the employee could see.
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    The snow is heavy and wet here. As a result, lost our power. Happens a lot. I try to charge my phone whenever possible. Keep it charged. Tonight I wasn’t able to and well...
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    Luggage recommendations

    I keep forgetting to check them out when I need a new purse or bag. I think my first purse was a LeSportsac. 😉. I have heard other people say they have other bags with that a similar compartment. Some use it for their shoes. Thanks!
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    Luggage recommendations

    Care to share a link for this carry on? Sounds great.
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