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    Heat and humidity tips

    I have heard the tip of acclumating yourself by changing the temperature of your house. I feel like I do it naturally already, but might try it more.
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    Heat and humidity tips

    My tips are we use the cooling towels and any ole misting bottle. You only need one unless you want more. Just refill. Having met the other tips of being physically fit, proper weight, only drinking plenty of water, not eating foods that aren’t good for me and still feeling the effects of the...
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    I don't need the fries

    ...that does make it a little trickier....
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    I don't need the fries

    With all due respect, I think I’d pay the $2.00. Take the 2 sandwiches. Turned right around and offer the sandwich to the person behind me while the employee could see.
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    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    The snow is heavy and wet here. As a result, lost our power. Happens a lot. I try to charge my phone whenever possible. Keep it charged. Tonight I wasn’t able to and well...
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    Luggage recommendations

    I keep forgetting to check them out when I need a new purse or bag. I think my first purse was a LeSportsac. 😉. I have heard other people say they have other bags with that a similar compartment. Some use it for their shoes. Thanks!
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    Luggage recommendations

    Care to share a link for this carry on? Sounds great.
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    Shoes for water parks

    I usually wear water shoes that are more like sneakers too. Those are fine on any attraction that allows you to wear water shoes. I don’t find any super comfortable.
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    How to handle the Wet and Rain?

    With Splash I usually just turn my body in towards the center of the boat/seatmate’s /relative’s body when the water comes. I’m usually there during the summer months so not awful. It seems like my lower half takes years to dry. I don’t know why. Even if I’m wearing quickdry material. Don’t like...
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    Favorite Room/Resort Feature

    Contemporary - Being able to watch the fireworks from your bed or areas in the resort. Kids are either tired and watching from bed or we are showered and watching from areas in the hotel. I don’t love crowds. Been in a few sticky situations. And yes, we do watch fireworks at MK as well. Being...
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    new to dining plan

    You mentioned you are new to the dining plan. My experience is I always ask if something counts as a entree, snack, etc. Again, my experience is I receive a different answer depending on who I speak to. Doesn’t matter if I’m eating lunch, for example, at the same restaurant more than 2x in a...
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    What is your one favorite underrated attraction in all of Disney World?

    Perhaps this isn’t an attraction, but I love the Electric Water Parade. The sounds remind me of my childhood.
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    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    If I can add some “feel good” stories. I was surprised a few families invited my family of 4 to join them when the table was designed to hold only 2 people. We tried to keep looking, but sometimes I sat trays down at their table while I looked. I thought that was kind.
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    Best strolling option for a 4 & 6 year old

    The city mini double is awesome. Consider making sure they have rain covers available. Sun shade coverage is great. Don’t have to worry about someone stealing your personal one. I always got insurance.
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    Pre-Trip Yippee! It's a Party of 3!

    Couple of things... if swim diapers are new to you, try them out/ask a couple of questions to friends. They work differently than regular diapers. When you get out of the pool you will want to put on regular diapers. Stroller covers are helpful. If you rent, make sure you understand if the...
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