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    Trip Report Magic Bands, FP+ and a Baby? A January 2014 TR.

    So excited to see your new TR and that you guys have a baby now! He is absolutely adorable and seems so well-behaved...a real "go with the flow" kinda guy! I don't think I ever told you, but it was thanks to your last TR that my family and I rented DVC points at BWV for our last trip. I had...
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    Going to try DDP for the first time, help?

    Sorry for the double reply, but forgot to mention an important point. If your children are under age 9, they MUST eat off the kids menu at all restaurants. This may not be a big deal, but the kids menu at most restaurants is fairly limited and consists of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...
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    Going to try DDP for the first time, help?

    If you know that you only plan to do one "sit down" meal and one character meal during your stay, the Quick Service Dining Plan is definitely the better option. It will provide two Quick Service (non sit down meals) per day plus one snack per person per night of your visit...
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    Can I purchase DVC points for my trip?

    We also used to rent points at Boardwalk Villas last October. We were very pleased and had no issues. Like @Minthorne outlined, there are a few downsides/differences between points rental Ana conventional resort reservation. 1. Pre-planning: In order to rent DVC points...
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    Trip Report Who needs sleep? We're going to Disney World!! PTR/TR

    I am here and anxiously awaiting an update! Love your pictures!
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    Trip Report *FINISHED* The "How did all these people get in here?" That's what she said Trip Report

    I am thinking it would be an event of epic proportions if we could get @blackthidot, @Sweetpee's Sugar Daddy and my less than better half together for an evening!! Seriously, it would be a for real son, butt chiseling good time!
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    The 1st UNofficial WDWMagic Member's Cruise!

    We would LOVE to come! Obviously, for us it's a matter of cost and timing. The boys both play soccer in the fall and Will is on a club team that travels every weekend. What is the date for the 2014 cruise? Itinerary? Any cost estimates yet? I would so love to finally meet you and so many...
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    Trip Report *FINISHED* The "How did all these people get in here?" That's what she said Trip Report

    Oh John, I am embarrassed at how excited I was to see this TR....shameful, really. I've been waiting, what, two years for the follow-up to the last great TR. My husband I both were so moved by your beautiful prose and witty turn of phrase that we named our TR in honor of our favorite phrase...
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    Pre-Trip I was going to be a princess but now i'm going to be a mom pre-trip report!

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I am so OVER THE MOON that you are having a baby!! :) I have followed along on all your trip reports and your pre-trip report for your upcoming visit. I follow you on Pinterest too and love your baby boards. Anyway..I skipped all the way down to comment after I read the...
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    Trip Report I'll stop the World and Melt with you.

    Chris, so excited to see this TR up this evening!! I have read all of your previous reports and loved them all! I unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the few readers) never finished my October 2012 TR :oops: Can't wait to see how you guys like the Poly and if Val overcomes her dislike...
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    Trip Report The Returning "Home" for 14.5 days to restore order to Disney World Trip Report

    I highly recommend either POFQ or PORS (Magnolia Bend). POFQ is small and romantic. You can take the boat to DTD and the food court is great. Not sure about the bus situation there because we always drive. The rooms were renovated within the last few years and it is a short walk from even...
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    What is your opinion on how to do Breakfast at WDW?

    Glad you posted this question @disneygirl76 ! Some very interesting and varied responses which I have enjoyed reading. We have tried breakfast in the room...pastries, cereal, etc...and it just didn't work for us. The high sugar content just left us drained in about an hour and a half. Now...
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    Beach Club Resort Room vs. Villa

    I am not 100% sure of this, but we stayed in a studio Villa at Boardwalk Villas last October and I assume they are similar. The studio has one queen size bed and a pull out sofa, where the one bedroom regular room has two queen beds. The studio also has a microwave, sink, dishes (paper...
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    Old Disney World Menu - Need Help Identifying

    OMG!!! I remember having the Beef and Cheese conewich when I was in EPCOT in the mid-80's! Wow..that brings back memories...the food was AWFUL!
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    Kona Cafe Kuestions?

    We ate at Kona Cafe for breakfast for the first time on our last trip in October 2012 and wondered why it took so long for us to have breakfast there! We always do dinner at Kona, but had never done breakfast. The steak and eggs...not a very appetizing presentation, but he loved it...
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