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  • Glad to hear you had a good holiday, we've been married for 16 years this year and my hubby still makes me laugh, I think its really important that you guys have fun, its what make the relationship last.
    Sorry so long to get back to you. We took an end of summer trip to the east coast. What are you studying?
    have a great time on your upcoming trip - that is a great time to visit, crowds should be smaller. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    You guys should consider doing an at home wedding when you get engaged. I just went to Franck's Studio at the Grand Floridian, and told them that we couldn't do my wedding at WDW due to price too. They were really helpful! You can do so much theming at home. The only catch was that in order to do custom invitations & programs, we did have to honeymoon there....no problem for us! =) Everything else though, they will do for any bride, anywhere! Let me know if you ever have any question about any of it!
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