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    DisneySky - Rancho Disney Entertainment District

    Soarin would have been perfect at DisneySky in Tokyo. It's too bad they had to put it else where. I guess perhaps they could always do a version 2 at DisneySky though.
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    Reimagineering a Warner Bros theme park

    You should take a look at the concept art for Universal's Cartoon World. It was the original concept for their 2nd park before they told WB to go fly a kite. They had both a D.C. Comics and Looney Tunes section in their original plans...
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    Perrey and Kingsley are going be getting some fresh royalty checks next year..

    Paint the Night is awesome, I'd gladly push a kid or granny out of the way for it. * a little kid struggling to see anything might say "I can't see." , but I'd just turn and say within inches of his little face "TOOO BADDD". * This is just a joke I haven't pushed a kid in at least 4 years. I...
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    Transformers: Theme Park

    It would be great if they could actually do good movies for GI Joe and Dungeons and Dragons. As long as they keep Marlon Wayans away from them they may have a chance.
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    Universe of Energy featuring Micheal Scott and Dwight Schrute

    Anything with "The Office" sounds good to me. Picture the dolls and stuffed toys they could have of the characters. I always thought Ellen's Energy should have been turned into a "Wall-E" attraction though. He could teach us about saving the future with recycling and planting... well plants.
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    Disney and Augmented Reality

    I think that both can exist in the parks. That's what makes Disney so great, it has a variety of different types of rides that will keep your interests.
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    Transformers: Theme Park

    I love that idea, the walkways could even look like board game pathways like in Monopoly. Like they almost had in the Legendary Years section of Pop Century.
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    ✵✷❈✺NEW✺❈✷✵ EPCOT Pavilion Design + Mary Poppins Attraction Queue

    Great ideas, Taj Mahal would be a perfect landmark for a pavilion. Because you see it and know what pavilion your walking towards. Even more so then many of the current pavilions like Canada and Germany. Plus the food choices are much different and beloved, especially in India and England...
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    So... a Splash Mountain log sank..

    Yep, they were churning out direct to videos for everyone back then. Pocahontas and Hunchback even got sequels. The biggest problem was they were all done overseas with a different branch of the Disney company. Thus the animation definitely came off as very cheap and bland looking.
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    How much longer does Shrek 4-D have?

    Alright, then we'll just be stuck with Bourne and the awful Shrek attraction.
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    How much longer does Shrek 4-D have?

    I thought the same thing. They could replace "Bourne" when it completely fails with "Sing" and also put in a "Secret Lives of Pets" and Minion (off the shelf) ride and voila we have "Illumination Central". Illumination could even be used in "Seuss Landing" with "Grinch" and "Lorax". I'd love to...
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    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    If rumors work lets start a new one that Splash is staying. ;) "I heard from a husky guy with a unibrow, who was wearing a tuxedo. That Splash Mountain is staying. Oh yeah he also had a patch and was smoking a cigar."
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    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    Like Walt Disney said "This isn't a fricking museum, put some IP's in baby. Papa needs a brand new car." I'd rather see a new land be put in that connects with Hollywood Boulevard. I don't like the extra walking... I'm lazy.
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