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    Pre-Trip When your husband says “I think I’m ready to go back”, who am I to say no? - April 2020 then June/July 2020 now WHO KNOWS 😩 Thanks Corona 😒

    We took my daughter for her actual 3rd birthday. We were celebrating her being 3 but she was still free because the day we arrived she was still 2. Disney said it was based on the first day of your trip but I was nervous. No one said a thing AND because she turned 3 we did Bippidi Bobbidi on her...
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    Trip Report We Came, We Rose, We Resisted: A February Break Adventure

    I understand that is frustrating but honestly those runners and walkers probably were still on pace. The rule is you have to maintain a 16 minute mile which equates to about 3.5 hours. You also have to factor in that there are probably about 8 corrals of runners so it takes over an hour to start...
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    Trip Report You and me, we're in a club now! *COMPLETE*

    Your pictures are amazing!!!! I think I need to remarry my husband now so I can have the Disney wedding experience 😂
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    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Don't Forget To Make A Wish!!

    My girly girl looks back at the pictures before she had a say in her clothes and says, “what am I wearing!? Why would you pick that out? What is wrong with you!?” I was trying to be neutral but she’s unimpressed. It’s been dresses every day since she had an opinion and she turned 10 on 2/2 😂
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    Trip Report You and me, we're in a club now! *COMPLETE*

    Congratulations!! Your wedding reception looks like the perfect celebration! You guys really planned a great wedding and looked amazing ❤️
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    Trip Report Soon it will just be two of us - A very unique Max Trip Report

    Yes!!! My siblings and parents and i loved it too!! We may or may not still quote it from time to time 😂
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    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's (Plus two J's and a N): A Birthday Christmas Extravaganza

    I wouldn’t worry too much about lining up with the dining package. Last year we did the dining package and my family was incredibly slow at getting over there. They just couldn’t be convinced to head over early. Then we got stuck behind the earth being brought out for Illuminations. So we showed...
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    Rise of the Resistance(NON-SPOILER REVIEWS)

    My non spoiler review: this experience is incredible. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced while also bringing together all the goodness of Disney Imagineering past.
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Yeah there’s definitely something up with how the electronic fast passes are working. We got one last night when it broke down during our boarding group (we were the last one of the night) and tried to use it this morning. Then it broke down while we were in line so we got another FP and water...
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    Trip Report We're going to Disney and this old lady is gonna party!

    Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your husband’s treatments go well and that you both get to celebrate many more birthdays together.
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    DVC - any hard sell tactics after tour?

    I’ve been on 2 tours and never felt any pressure. Both experiences were fun and informative and I was given $50 gift cards both times.
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    Pre-Trip The first Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party I've done since 2017! (12/6-12/7/2019)

    I have almost the same itinerary as you! Staying at Coronado (arriving late night 12/5 and leaving 12/7)! Attending the Christmas party on 12/6 as well!!
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    Pre-Trip Prayers for Pixie Dust - NYE at WDW with a Toddler Pre-Trip Report

    So smart to do the dessert party on NYE! We did it last year for the early fireworks and it was amazing! So nice to stretch out on the hub grass while the rest of MK was so crowded.
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