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    Two new Disney Cruise Line ships??

    I assume they would choose Meyer Werft again here in germany and as we could see in the last two years they are able to build from scratch within 10 month to delivery .. no big deals announced for them after the 2 new class NCL ships so that leaves possible delivery spots for late 15 and early...
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    Exclusive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card to be given out at MNSSHP

    If anyone has an extra Chip & Dale Card to trade or sell please let me know .. my family and i did play a lot during our summer trip ( almost every day )and we are looking for a total of 4 cards for our sorcerer sets ... I have 3 booster cards to trade and a lot of the "regular" cards 1- 60 ...
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    Not good but saw it coming

    just my 2 cents.. i do read this boards daily but do not post regularly ( mainly on DIS ) but i must say they should close down M:S and see what has to be done before another incident occurs. I personally ride every coaster, thrill ride .. you name it and i have been to Disney World about 25...
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    Buh-Bye Jazz Company! Hello Irish Pub!

    two thumbs up for the irish pub.. i really like the idea to go to PI without paying admission !! Maybe this is a trend we will see for all venues there .. if you like to dance.. pay for a dance club .. if you like spending money on food and drinks ...no admission.. so you do not block out a...
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    Walkie talkies

    we use them in the parks and usually within the boundaries of one theme park they work pretty well, but not from one park to another .. they are just too far away fromeach other and with all the buildings and steel structures they do not reach the maximum range ! Even within a park you might...
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    Motor Stunt Show new info?

    Training Training Training i did see the show in Paris many many times and they need a few month of training in the actual set when it is completed, not only on the parking lot... the drivers push it to the absolut limit and have maneouvres to handle with only inches between the cars so they...
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    Philarmagic preview details

    Any idea on a timeframe ?? Friends are at WDW right now and i would love to tell them some more information ..mornings.. evenings.. when will it happen ??? thanks for the info Stephan
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