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  1. me_stitch

    Park Hopping?

    I assume the busses are super busy around 1 pm with park hoppers?
  2. me_stitch

    Plan on EXTREMELY large crowds and SUPER long lines

    maybe the mask policy will keep some of the locals away???
  3. me_stitch

    News 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

    As someone who visits every two or three years I'm glad they keep moving it up, I'm going in early August this year and can't wait to pig out.
  4. me_stitch


    there's also a fill station in Trinidad
  5. me_stitch

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Me too 😁 110 days to go
  6. me_stitch

    What should HS's icon be?

    bring back the hat
  7. me_stitch

    New Walt Disney World offer adds 2 extra days to your ticket with a 4-night room-and-ticket package

    Just rebooked my 5 night stay so I'm getting the 5th night free now, thought about adding another night since it would be free but 5 nights are plenty since it's just my daughter and I.
  8. me_stitch

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    I just booked for late August, I'm going no matter what. If you have concerns, you can always book now and you would have until 30 days prior to your trip to cancel so start planning. ;)
  9. me_stitch

    I am not going back to WDW until...

    I just booked a trip for late August, going no matter what, it's my daddy/daughter trip before she starts her senior year of high school and she hasn't been to Disney World since 2011, a couple Disneyland trips but not DW, I did the same thing in 2016 with my older daughter. We'll have fun no...
  10. me_stitch

    Cleanliness Reassurance during COVID-19?

    Here's my two cents. I've traveled a couple times during the pandemic, ,once to Indianapolis for my daughters AAU Basketball tournament, (over 5000 kids in and out of the convention center all week), and once to Idaho for basketball also. Both times I went to our local hospital when I got back...
  11. me_stitch

    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    Always someone that has to turn something positive into a negative 🙄
  12. me_stitch

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    6 days to go and I just scored reservations for Oga's next Wednesday. 😃
  13. me_stitch

    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    And they make around $70/hr during th Or people pay thousands of dollars for their vacations so they are trying to keep the parks open
  14. me_stitch

    Cruise employees left at Castaway Cay during Dorian?

    I'm assuming most of the employees are from the Bahamas, do u think maybe they were given the option and I don't know chose to stay South of the hurricane?
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