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    We are annual passholders with a resort reservation and couldn’t book more than three days. My understanding is that you could reserve days for the duration of your stay. Anyone else with this issue?
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    What barriers will your family have to be able to return to WDW? Our list is longer than we realized

    Actually, if you read my comment, I made no mention of myself personally waiting for a vaccine or treatment. Although of course I am hopeful of that, I was simply commenting that social distancing measures will be in place until there is a treatment or vaccine. That will significantly affect the...
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    What barriers will your family have to be able to return to WDW? Our list is longer than we realized

    My wife and I come from western Canada twice a year and like most people, I have been fixated on when and how the parks will reopen. In my optimism, I was thinking once the parks reopen, even if it were with masks and reduced entertainment etc, etc, we would be able to be in the world again! But...
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    Giving up a great fastpass

    So I gave up a highly coveted Flight of Passage Fastpass today (I cancelled it) and thought the Fastpass karma gods would gift me with a Frozen or Soarin fastpass at Epcot as that’s where I decided to spend my day, but turtle talk is as good as I can get. For those of us who woke up at 4 am...
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    Do you think the Disney vlogger/YouTuber world has any real influence on company decisions?

    Being back in the magic today, I wonder if any decisions Disney makes is directly influenced by all of the hyper-observational, hyper-critical super fan base that exists... Given the fact that many a youtuber have noticed the 4 point tile mosaic on the new bathrooms at EPCOT that reference the...
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    Why don’t we have something like “Great Moments with Walt Disney”?

    Walt has been gone for over fifty years and although I appreciate a new Walt statue coming to Epcot, why don’t we have an animatronic show similar to great moments with Mr. Lincoln for our beloved Walt? The newest capabilities for face animatronics being developed at Garner Holt are...
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    Will there be a “season pass” for MVMCP?

    Does anyone think or happen to know if there will be a seasons pass for MVMCP like there is for MNSSHP? If so, how much do you think it might be since there are so many less parties?
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    OKW room refurbishments

    Does anyone know if all of the OKW rooms have been refurbished by now? We stayed in one during our last stay and it was so nice! Just wanted to see if I'll need to request one if they haven't all been refurbished yet.
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    Future world music loop

    given all of the future world changes, does anyone know when they will be changing the current music loop? I’ll be very sad to see it go....
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    What will happen when the Skyliner breaks down?

    Living up in Canada’s mountain country, gondolas are nothing new for us. There have been times skiing (although not that often), when the gondola will stop for 15 or 20 min, or in rare cases, people have to be painstakingly “rescued” from them when they breakdown. I can’t imagine how...
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    The week before Thanksgiving 2019 (Nov 18-22)

    Hey Bill, I agree with nickys that something seems off on their end with that. By all logic, the week before thanksgiving should be pretty quiet, and this year because there are two weeks in between Veterans Day weekend and Thanksgiving, both should be pretty quiet. We were there just this past...
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    Pro Bow Week

    We’ve been going that week and usually the one before or the one after for the last 5 years and up until last year, it was a ghost town (as far as just the number of people around the parks in general), last year was very different... compared to the busiest times of year watching vloggers...
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    Disney after hours at DHS question

    Hey all, My wife and I were thinking of doing after hours at DHS in Feb and we were hoping to hit Slinky Dog a bunch of times, but regular day guests can still hop in line right up until closing and it might take a full hour to get that line through, so would an event like this be worth it...
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    Walking around EPCOT with no crowds is the new fastpass...

    My wife and I had three fastpasses for EPCOT tonight and cancelled them once we realized that we could just walk around without wall to wall crowds and just enjoy a nice evening without people dodging... I never thought I would say this, but I can get fastpasses anytime, walking around in peace...
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    Pricing the crowds away

    Well said on all accounts... I completely agree for WDW and even more so at Disneyland... The parks at many times a year are becoming unmanageable in terms of crowds and although I hate to see Disney being only available to the wealthiest, but it is a simple reality that there will just simply...
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