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  1. mayoki

    Plan C for Pleasure Island

    Regarding the "New Orleans" theme for the former PI, I seem to recall that was the original idea for that piece of land. The Empress was to be themed like it was docked in New Orleans and the rest was a combination of a hotel and shopping. I believe that those plans were the basis of Port Orleans.
  2. mayoki

    Test Track refurb???

    I would just be happy for the cars in the orientation video to not be the ones I see at my local "buy here pay here" lot.
  3. mayoki

    First Look at A Completed Home In Golden Oak!

    So will these people be residents of RCID(Bay Lake/Lake Buena Vista)?
  4. mayoki

    Latest aerial views of the Fantasyland site - Dumbo Foundations, Storybook station

    Is this entire area connected to the Utilidors at all? Or are the 2 main buildings in the picture and the soon to be roller coaster stand alone buildings... It appears from the pictures that the area comes right up to the entrance tunnel.
  5. mayoki

    Resort Merchandise diminishing?

    I collect magnets from WDW and can affirm that this has been going on for many years now much to my dismay. And it's not just the resorts, There also used to be much much more merchandise for specific rides and areas of the parks. It's such a bummer that every store looks different on the...
  6. mayoki

    So is the Hyperion Wharf project dead?

    Anyone think this is related to the perpetual delay in developing the Western Way "Flamingo Crossing" project? Perhaps there are not enough sponsors/companies willing to invest?? Both projects currently seem to be weed farms at the present. Things that make you go hmmmmm...
  7. mayoki

    Blue Sky Cellar/Idea for WDW

    I just returned from my 1st trip to DL and one cool "attraction" was Blue Sky Cellar which featured drawings, props and a film about upcoming projects at CA Adv. It was really informative and interesting, and it seems that WDW could really benefit from something like that, perhaps in a central...
  8. mayoki

    Great Extra on new Back to the Future DVD that would be great on upcoming Disney DVDs

    The new Back to the Future DVD's on Blu-Ray have a really cool extra that is the complete video from the ride at Universal. They not only have the complete ride video, but also the "occupy you while waiting in line" video and even the instructional video before you board the ride. How great...
  9. mayoki

    TTA Changes Name

    A few quick points... -Those Ford Pavilion pics are AWESOME! -I have always called it PeopleMover and beaten my family and friends into doing the same, so glad to see Disney has circled back to my way of thinking. -Wasn't the PeopleMover supposed to circle Communicore in the original Epcot...
  10. mayoki

    Tomorrowland Skyway station now partially demolished (WARNING graphic photos)

    Anyone have any old school(70's-80's) pics of the Tomorrowland Skyway station in its full glory? Also, I remember riding the skyway and I don't recall a "bad show" so they must have done a good job "plus-ing" the rooftops and hiding backstage from that height.
  11. mayoki

    Skyway station is starting to come down

    WOW!! your pictures and posts are always amazing.
  12. mayoki

    Magic Kingdom Miniatures and Windows

    I was in the Art of Disney store in Epcot recently and they had a display case with miniatures of Main Street and several of the windows on Main Street. Anyone have any idea where to buy these items(other than at the parks) or who the artist/mfg is?
  13. mayoki

    Stacey (Top 7) at AK

    They should get the Appliance Direct guy... "I LOVE APPLIANCES!!!" could be "I LOVE EPCOT"
  14. mayoki

    New Propulsion System on Monorails

    I heard that Monorail Purple will actually fold space to instantly move from station to station.
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