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Recent content by Max Fan

  1. Max Fan

    Pirates of the Caribbean Auctioneer/Redhead Changes NO POLITICS or SOCIAL ISSUES, PLEASE!

    Disneyland Paris make soft opening for the guest and we can see the new scenes (the auction for exemple) and new AA with captain Barbossa. Discover the ride in its complete (new) version : The long version of the new effects :
  2. Max Fan

    Pirates reopens with changes

    Discover the ride in its complete version
  3. Max Fan

    Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland Paris - opening may 7, 2017

    hy everyone, Hyperspace Mountain opens the may 7 in the Disneyland Park. It's the first time that Star Wars will be inside the Coaster Space Mountain in France. Today with the "Star Wars Night" the visitors with the ticket premium can make a preview of the new ride. Here the video of the Day...
  4. Max Fan

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    10: 00, « Peter Pan’s Flight » has reopened after more than 6 months of renovations. It is a jewel! The success of the attraction will continue to grow through this renovation allowed to review lighting, animations, repainting the decors and modernise the attraction with projections. It is very...
  5. Max Fan

    PAINT THE NIGHT - Photos/Video, Reviews & Thoughts

    After more 20 hours of work, the video of the best disney parade in the world is ready! (yes i love this parade) All video filmed during my trip in the first week of june are summarized on this video with images synchronized with the soundtrack. 5 Point of views and 4 days of filming. Enjoy !
  6. Max Fan

    Disneyland's 60th Birthday: Rumors, Speculation and News

    Paint The Night Parade soundtrack It's a Mix of the USA Version (float of Tink, Belle and Cars).
  7. Max Fan

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    A place where the music should never be stop ! We are all Charlie
  8. Max Fan

    Condor Flats becoming Grizzly Peak Airfield

    i wish that it's finish for the 60th anniversary (technically launched for the 23th of may)
  9. Max Fan

    Disneyland's 60th Birthday: Rumors, Speculation and News

    Concept-Art Disneyland Castle Source : DLP Welcome
  10. Max Fan

    Rat ride pov video

    sorry for my bad english : For to have making this attraction, yes it's a E-ticket! You must make the ride for to have a true opinion, a true. And to be quite honest the immersion is successful. I did it seven times, and it is by reading the comments that I realized the lack of robots. The best...
  11. Max Fan

    Rat ride pov video

    The restaurant "Bistrot Chez Rémy"
  12. Max Fan

    Rat ride pov video

    video of the land and the ride
  13. Max Fan

    Ratatouille Ride at Disneyland Paris Resort Gets Funding

    Press event the 21, before this is impossible... or it's a miracle ! Disneyland Paris did not say the dates (soft-opening, VIP, annual pass...) Date of Press event no disclosed, but all indices say this 21 june.
  14. Max Fan

    Spider-Man meet&greet debuts at Disneyland Paris

    You love it ? ok, now pictures of Spider Man of DLP Welcome :);): More Pictures in DLP Welcome.
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