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Recent content by X-S Press Matt

  1. X-S Press Matt

    I don't know what to do now

    I'm really big into Disney Podcasts to help get me excited for my next trip. Some of my favorites are the Be Our Guest Podcast, WDW Radio and Window to the Magic. Be Our Guest is all about trip planning. WDW Radio talks a lot about the history and fun topics based on the theme parks. Window to...
  2. X-S Press Matt

    Planning a trip in November '19

    That's amazing! So much money saved haha. When in November are you going? I'll be there the first week of Nov.
  3. X-S Press Matt

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible Problem has Already Been Discussed

    Yea, definitely a big "if." I can definitely see Disney wanting to eliminate a some buses if they have two but I feel like a lot of people will be afraid to use the gondola system. I could be wrong there. Also, I see in your signature that you'll be at WDW in Late Oct/Early Nov. I'll be there...
  4. X-S Press Matt

    How to: Need to change your username?

    Please change mine to X-S Press Matt
  5. X-S Press Matt

    Plans for October?

    HAHA I legitimately laughed out loud at that statement. I can't argue there. At F&W, we split everything as well but we try a lot of stuff. I always make a list of things I need to try.
  6. X-S Press Matt

    Plans for October?

    Here are my thoughts on this day. When I'm at F&W, I eat and drink a lot because there are just too many things to try ha. By the end of the day, I don't even want dinner. La Hacienda De San Angel is my favorite restaurant in Epcot but in my opinion, I would skip dinner this day. Maybe you can...
  7. X-S Press Matt

    value resorts filled?

    I just did a random search in March and all the of values showed availability. This was the first week of March.
  8. X-S Press Matt

    GE: Soft Opening or AP/DVC Preview Watch discussion

    You might make it. When Pandora opened, passholder previews were from May 13-22 in 2 hour blocks. The land officially opened on May 27th. I assume they'll be doing something similar for Passholders
  9. X-S Press Matt

    Pre-Trip 3 Couples Going on an Adventure in Nov' 2019

    Here are some updates: Doug, Kim, Lindsey and Miguel all bought Annual Passes since they know they will be going several times within the next year. Melissa and I will most likely buy additional days and a park hopper so we have a bit more flexibility on the trip. Toledo Reservation has been...
  10. X-S Press Matt

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    I assume they walk connect the paths. This could potentially be the new walkway.
  11. X-S Press Matt

    Another Question

    I would skip the dining reservation and go directly to the party. You are paying extra for the ticket so you want as much park time as possible. Plus they also offer unique food, drinks and snacks at these parties. Spend your money trying different things so you can soak up the atmosphere a bit...
  12. X-S Press Matt

    Can I use my wife's magicband for FP

    Yea, you should be fine. My wife let a friend use her magic band so they could go on a ride last year. Not sure if anything has changed since then.
  13. X-S Press Matt

    Old Key West - 2 bedroom villas

    I can not agree more here! We stayed top floor building 46 last year and it was great! It was so quiet in this area and I actually felt like I was going home each day after we left the park. The view from the balcony is so peaceful. What I loved about it the most was that you get to see the boat...
  14. X-S Press Matt

    Pre-Trip 3 Couples Going on an Adventure in Nov' 2019

    So a bit of an update here! Doug and Kim decided to switch their resort to All Star Movies. They ended up saving just over $1000 because of it. They are going to use that money towards other things instead. As of right now, we have a reservation at Toledo at Coronado Springs on Tuesday. But...
  15. X-S Press Matt

    Be honest... What do you think of my plans?

    I would also suggest going to Animal Kingdom as well. Kids love animals! From what I am always told by people with kids, when the vacation is over they will always talk about anything but the rides. Like how much they loved seeing the animals or just swimming at the pool. Rides are not usually...
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