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    Great Move Ride was to be replaced by a Villains ride?

    Western River Expedition, Discovery Bay...
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    News Disneyland Resort Now CLOSED Due To Coronavirus - Reopening Date Unknown

    Yes, we have a son at home who works with docs and nurses treating virus patients and trains staff in decontamination safety. He's not afraid, but he is taking this very serious. It's his 24th straight DAY of working 16 hour days to serve the community.
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    News Disneyland Resort Now CLOSED Due To Coronavirus - Reopening Date Unknown

    I wouldn't want to be in ANY politicians shoes during this situation. One on hand, you must look out for the safety of the people. On the other hand, you must think about its future. In both cases, you must bring a dose of hope along with the gritty facts. You won't make anyone happy. Damned if...
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    Disneyland Construction Projects on Hold/ Info on Projects

    In the last few years, California Adventure is becoming a mess all over again.
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    DLR Picture of the Day

    Must be from Disney Studios Paris. "Sortie" at the bottom of the sign.
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    What are the Top Ten rides Bob Iger oversaw during his 15 year Career?

    It was quite a season toward the end of his leadership. In no particular order, I'd say Rise, Flight of Passage, Racers, SHDL Pirates, Mystic Manor. I rank the whole last decade worth of attractions here:
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    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    We will wait until most of the reImagining of Epcot is complete.
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    HKDL gets new castle, frozen land and marvel land.

    I love all the differing opinions! I thought Frozen 2 was just awful.
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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    If guests can’t have fun without a lot of backstory, Imagineering hasn’t done their job well.
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    News RIP “Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality” Author Alain Littaye

    I do not know, but I do know he lived in Thailand.
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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    Unfortunately, this is all still a collective yawn for me. Hopefully, I'm wrong!
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    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Does this mean that is the beginning of the queue?
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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    But what legs they are! ;)
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    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway SPOILER Thread

    "For instance, a fourth-wall breaking moment where your vehicles crash into an area that hasn't been finished being "drawn" yet, and the scene gets drawn around you." "The strangest thing to me is the tornado “scene”. Here you have the perfect setup to pull a scene from what is arguably the...
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