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  1. MagicRat

    Spending Less with Disney

    Me: Hello my name is Bruce. All: Hello Bruce Me: I didn’t drink the whole beer, just 2/3 of it or the 15 after that. All: Nice work Bruce That wouldn’t happen in that community and doesn’t deserve to be on this one either. Your little protest does nothing for you or teaches Disney a...
  2. MagicRat

    Disney Now Charging Handling Fees for in-room grocery deliveries.

    Your argument does not work, they are the block. There doesn’t need to be competition. It’s their ball and they can take it away anytime they want. If I was Disney, I would do the exact same thing.
  3. MagicRat

    Disney Now Charging Handling Fees for in-room grocery deliveries.

    I don’t even comprehend how you can say this is bad of Disney. They offer a sundry store for incidentals. Sure they are overpriced, but if you don’t like it get a taxi or rent a car. I remember when I was in my early 20’s going with my wife alone, we had to pay for the Mear’s shuttle bus...
  4. MagicRat

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    I can’t wait to drop my byyearly 300 points and $300 a day on Budlight. Everyone enjoy what they can get, how they want to get it. Disney takes all, be it the the guys who brings cooler and sandwiches or the lady who goes to Victoria & Alberts, enjoy your time and suck it up. Life is short.
  5. MagicRat

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    Or maybe quit complaining and accept that others want to go to Disney and the mouse wants to make a buck.
  6. MagicRat

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    One minute till Midnight?
  7. MagicRat

    Please help me understand this!

    Please keep your hands off of the dancers.
  8. MagicRat

    How to swap wives on select Disney rides?

    How’s the looks? Asking for a friend.
  9. MagicRat

    Yacht/Beach Club cabanas

    Does anyone else have a problem that they do not post construction work when booking hotels? They used to. I was curious so I went on WDW website and there was no mention of the pool having work performed nearby. Same thing happened to me at Disneyland a few years ago.
  10. MagicRat

    News Planet Hollywood Super Store to close at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    When is this board going to see that the man above in a bow tie was not evil. I am in Vegas right now with Copperfield down the street. He is still making money, the restaurant would have been nice but being thankful that the retail store is closing because one doesn’t like it is not nice...
  11. MagicRat

    Best Disney Spot to Get Over a Hangover

    Mine’s the Mickey Pretzel and luke warm cheese at the cart outside of The Land at Epcot and a Bud Light.
  12. MagicRat

    Drunkest Day at Disney

    How hammered have you been at Disney? I mean we have heard worst day, bad guests, bad cm’s Let’s round out the equation.
  13. MagicRat

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    I thought the same thing but be careful, then the whole comparison of price per place conversation will start. I just need to learn, that when I come on here that Disney is bad. The funny thing from reading this board is most of the complainers haven’t been in years. Same thing I see on the...
  14. MagicRat

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    The scooter issue and the aisles is a valid point. But I couldn’t even move through the scooter stampede last week at the Splash Mountain overflow walkway last week :).
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