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  1. MagicRat

    The artwork in the Tower of Terror episode from 'Behind the Attraction' on Disney+ was stolen from YouTube creator Art of Engineering

    You peeps are bothered by this, meanwhile Olivia Rodrigo can steal whatever she wants to make her music and she is getting to replace Aerosmith? That’s ridiculous!
  2. MagicRat

    Vero Beach Joe Jr.

    Hello all! I want to bring my portable Kamado Joe Jr and bbq in the lot by the tennis courts. Has anyone ever done this or used a tiny weber kettle? Have a Disney day!
  3. MagicRat

    Discriminated against FOR wearing a mask ?

    You are seriously comparing people who would refuse to wear a mask in the height of a pandemic, who by not wearing the mask could harm others versus someone who still chooses to wear a mask for the protection of themselves or a family member who can’t get the vaccine?
  4. MagicRat

    News Refurbishment coming soon to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Moana details to be included

    I never have complained about the over IP in the parks but this change in thinking of the themed resorts seems like a bad idea to me. When I stayed at the Polynesian it combined the fun of a Hawaiian trip with the plus of being able to go to the best theme parks in the world. Use whatever...
  5. MagicRat

    News Refurbishment coming soon to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Moana details to be included

    Sorry, backed up a few pages but couldn’t tell, are all the rooms (non DVC) going with this change or just special themed rooms?
  6. MagicRat

    News WDW loses Pop Warner to Universal and Camping World Stadium

    Can the cheerleaders and more importantly their parents go too? The best was enjoying the boardwalk and their practicing on the lawn by the boats or the cheering through the parks. I will take the South American travel groups over them any day.
  7. MagicRat

    Keister Coaster waterslide at Disney's BoardWalk Inn closing for refurbishment in October

    Me and Tillie had a good time too but it’s gone on the shore. The clown at the slide is scary and the funniest thing about this thread is mostly of you can’t or won’t stay at the hotel anyway. It really gets angry in the basement. Why do some need to shame the new Mickey and friends...
  8. MagicRat

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    OK I get no politics but Covid is the reason for the decline. Almost all businesses are suffering from the pandemic, with the exception of PPE. Now if you mean arguing over what’s right and wrong with the strategies of how to handle the pandemic, then I agree with you. This isn’t the thread...
  9. MagicRat

    So Has Anyone Read the New Disney Files?

    I agree! The land of the rising sun has nothing to do with our problems. Different corporation, they aren’t paying to change so different situation.
  10. MagicRat

    So Has Anyone Read the New Disney Files?

    Components of a news story; Proximity. ... Prominence. ... Timeliness. ... Oddity. ... Consequence. ... Conflict. ... Human interest. ... Extremes/superlatives. Yep, it fits in the news, rumors and current events section.
  11. MagicRat

    So Has Anyone Read the New Disney Files?

    Well it’s news because it’s timely. That is one of the first parts of a news story and fine it was planned six months ago. Then why did Disney say the Splash changes were in the works for over a year?
  12. MagicRat

    So Has Anyone Read the New Disney Files?

    We just got the new DVC magazine, Disney Files, the magazine likes to show how members make their homes Disney style. This quarter there was a showcase of a member’s pool. It was beautiful and it was all about Splash Mountain. My question is if Disney was going to castaway Splash because of...
  13. MagicRat

    Masks at WDW

    I wear a mask for my profession. Wearing one for recreational use just doesn’t seem like a good time. I will put my uses to learning a new hobby or three until that time comes when it is safe to enjoy life again. When I need to go out for supplies or services the mask is on out of respect for...
  14. MagicRat

    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    I posted on another thread, we always go in March and October for long stays. We are DVC, we chose not to go this past March and wait it out hoping Disney would refund March’s points which they did. Booking 11 months out locked us in right now for October. If they stay open, it’s still Corona...
  15. MagicRat

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    My wife works for a nonprofit health care company and that is exactly what hotels are doing right now. My question is why isn’t Disney already doing this?
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