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Recent content by Lyman

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    News Expect closure of Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland to impact Walt Disney World

    There can be cuts do to budget, however the fireworks come from Italy. China does not make the multicolor bursts according to the guide conducting the EPCOT tour I was on. This was several years ago and he said the cost to produce all firework shows at WDW was $65,000 per day. Times that by 365...
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    Had a visit from a cop last night

    Been awhile since I've got on sight Here in Illinois if a pedestrian steps into the street cross walk or not the car must stop and yield. Here's a strange law in China. If you yield to a pedestrian you get a ticket.
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    Why dislike for Iger?

    Iger, the board of directors(bod) AND the stock holders are responsible for what is happening. The stock holder wants the best return they can get. The board has to get it for them. It's called fiduciary duty. If they don't get it they can be sued by the stock holders. The little stock holder...
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    Why dislike for Iger?

    But at one time you got high quality, now not so high quality.
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    Why dislike for Iger?

    It's amazing that people believe raising ticket prices is to reduce crowds. more like improving bottom line.
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    Why dislike for Iger?

    You can thank Eisner for that. CEOs have a strong say so on who replaces them!
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    Why dislike for Iger?

    According to employee outside EPCOT international gate some idiot(s) wanted to take xmas decoration out of the hotels but got shouted down. Didn't think they were necessary. There goes that bottom line mentality. I have been going to WDW since it opened. The parks and hotels were loaded with...
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    How to Find the Perfect Angle

    Back in the stone age I shot weddings with film. With film if you ran out of film that was it. I carried plenty of film The majority of shots were poses. one shot, maybe two. I worked with two cameras When it came to the first dance with spouse and parents I made sure each camera was loaded...
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    Why do you believe WDW has gone downhill?

    To me that is going downhill
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    Why do you believe WDW has gone downhill?

    Not cheap...Greedy!
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    WDW Toilet Paper Quality

    Could put screens in stalls but think show would stink
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    Should Disney get rid of the monorails?

    There is the people mover in tomorrow land. The monorail infrastructure is already in place. Retrofit the people mover tracks on top of the monorail beams. Get cars that will handle special needs (wheel chair etc.) and enclose for inclement weather . Getting new monorail cars/parts are difficult...
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    Christmas disappointment ....

    They can have a live tree everyday. Of course Tinker Bell will be exhausted come January 1.
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    Photography etiquette within the parks

    Long time photographer. I take mostly nature. Lighting is best early/late in day. Are you concerned with shadows ?
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