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  1. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney offering new Fantasmic Dessert and VIP Viewing Experience

    It's not quite up to par with World Of Color, then?
  2. LongLiveTheKing

    A Worse Dark Ride Than Mermaid

    Pooh has a slight wait time usually. LMM is always walk on.
  3. LongLiveTheKing

    Star Wars Virtual Reality Experience Coming to Downtown Disney

    So is it a VR thing in one or several locations in DTD? Obviously they're not going to have people wandering with headsets around DTD but if it's just delegated to one store where you stand there and do VR stuff that's going to be really lackluster. They could easily do the Pokemon Go concept of...
  4. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    I'm wondering about how easy paper fps are to get as well
  5. LongLiveTheKing

    Starcade To Become "Private-Event Venue"

    Yeah, I don't understand that comment
  6. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    Yeah but I meant if you're trying to book day of will the rides worth hunting a fp down for have them available?
  7. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    If you have just yourself paying for an AP then the $75 upgrade for a year might be a decent deal. Otherwise the $10 per ticket per day becomes expensive very quickly. Remotely booking fastpasses in the parks saves a significant amount of walking, which saves a lot of energy and also your feet...
  8. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    They get them way faster and easier. That's going to have more people using fast passes and will take them out of circulation, and based on how popular MP is, potentially very significantly
  9. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    What is the process of reserving day of? Just spamming refresh?
  10. LongLiveTheKing

    Disney MaxPass reviews

    If enough people buy into MP and drain all the fps for the paper users it might be required to "upgrade" regularly for its ridiculous price if you want to use fps
  11. LongLiveTheKing

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    What was that video called? I hate how creepy the Ariel animatronics are. Now I know why
  12. LongLiveTheKing

    New Train Station Sign

    I feel like it's a mistake to remove the elevation and "population" amounts for the sake of keeping the charm and a sense of immersion.
  13. LongLiveTheKing

    The Redhead is changing....

    We have a base line no politics or swearing (not displayed but as a heads up) rule here. I know a bunch of people here are taking a "PC police" route but I think you can approach your arguments from different angles, cause for your sake, the mods won't be happy with this post
  14. LongLiveTheKing

    The Redhead is changing....

    That's a good point. Disney pirates are oddly romanticized. They promote "haha friendly pirates" with the merchandise and a lot of stuff but let's look at a literal look at just what's present in POTC as a ride. 1. Stealing 2. Burning a town and leaving people homeless and in financial ruin in...
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