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  1. lileonard

    Top thrill dragster!

    I have not actually seen the tower sway but I have seen the horizontal part sway. I figured that something that weighs six tons being shot 120 mph will make the track sway a bit. Ive been on the ride a few times now, and its unlike anything ive ever been on. If you havent seen it yet...
  2. lileonard

    5 legged goat

    I just noticed this when I was at the contemporary last week, When you board the monorail look at the wall with the paintings on it, you will see various goats, but if you look to the far right of the wall you will see a 5 leg goat:animwink: I think thats prety unusual:slurp:
  3. lileonard

    Top Thrill Dragster OPENS!!!

    I was there on the 4th of july and we heard it was going to open, so we waited and watched them do test runs and tweek the system from 10 am to 7 pm and we finally got to ride it. I have a season pass just to let you know im not crazy wasting the day there. Me and my uncle sat in the front...
  4. lileonard

    Important pool ?

    I am going to wdw next tuesday and staying for 8 nights at the all star music resort, I was wondering if they keep the pool and pool area open all night? Last summer when I went to the AKL it was open all night. But at the beach clucb the pool closed at 8 during Christmas time So...
  5. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    If anyone wants to know how to do this, get the movie, and the album and ill gladly give you the easy directions to do it.:D :D :D
  6. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    almost every aspect of the movie sycronizes perfectly with the dark side of the moon album the weird part is that the lyics match what is going on in the movie also for example when roger waters says which is which, in the song us and them, you see the evil witch look at the good...
  7. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    I mean would it even be possible to keep it syncronized throught 2 and half times through the album. If someone could possibly understand how they did this please let me know:brick: :brick: :brick:
  8. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    Its just so hard to believe that there are so many things that time up perfect in the movie. I mean it starts right of the bat with the credits at the beggining. this will happen throughout the whole movie. So what does everyone think about this,was this planned or is it something...
  9. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    If you listen to ther pink floyd album Dark side of the moon. while watching the wizard of oz. you wont believe the weirdness that you will experience. let me just tell you, I just found out about this a couple of weeks ago and I didnt believe it. I tried it tonight with my budies...
  10. lileonard

    Disney golf ?

    excuse me if I sound stupid but what is the voucher going to do. Is it going to pay for the expense?
  11. lileonard

    Disney golf ?

    If you are staying on property and you want to go to one of the disney golf courses, does disney provide transportation or do you need to get a cab?:brick:
  12. lileonard

    quick space ?

    I have seen some of the great photos of the inside. But my question is how are the que areas designed, is it more of a warehouse feel to it or is it different. Also are they finished with the inside of the building or do they need to put in some walls or something along that line. When I...
  13. lileonard

    Another space thread

    Im sorry to make another post about mission space, but I wanted to make sure I get some answers. I am going down to wdw from July 15th through the 23rd. I was wondering what the chances there would be soft openings during that time. I was also wondering what do the hours on disney rides...
  14. lileonard

    bay lake property

    It seems like there is alot of empty land on the photo, and alot of trees. If disney did own that land it looks like there is plenty of room for a resort. I really never knew that the Magic kingdom was so close to the edge of the property. I always saw the Magic Kingdom as the heart of...
  15. lileonard

    bay lake property

    Does anyone know why disney does not create resorts on the other side of bay lake ( opposite of wilderness Lodge and fort wilderness). Is that a possible spot for resort expansion or is it bad land to construct on? It just seems like a perfect spot for a nice disney themed resort.
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