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  • Hiya Angel:

    I've had a rought 6 months. Been dealing with some tongue cancer. I never smoked or drank and don't even like lollipops so the docs just chalk it up to bad luck. I had some surgery...they cut a wedge off my tongue and the margins were good. The lymph nodes were clear so it looks like it didn't spread. And I went thru 5 weeks of radiation. So now I can't taste anything and have no saliva but they say it will come back. So...forgive me...how are you, Honeybunch?
    Angel! How are you doing? I'm afraid I don't have any trips planned to Aneheim anytime soon, but I know there will be a medical meeting there in a couple of years. I'm concerned that it may be close to my son's high school graduation, though.

    Can you believe my daughter has been out of college for almost 3 years??? I'm thinking the next step is marriage, as she's been seriously dating a real keeper. I know they are planning a future together, so maybe it won't be too long before I have another son.
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