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    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    Fair is a state of mind based on what a person believes they deserve. And what one person or group deems as "fair" others would likely disgaree. That term gets tossed around a lot these days in every aspect of life. The harsher reality is life, games, rules, etc are not going to be "fair" to...
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    Another "Gun At WDW" Report

    So instead of a hillbilly/southern type accent, if it had been done in a ghetto or arabic accent/verbage you would be ok with it as well?
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    News Smoking locations updated at the Magic Kingdom

    Some people are very arrogant to think the choices they make and the way they live is the way everyone else should live as well. As long as people obey the rules, the choices they make when it comes to "legal" items that only adults can purchase, is left to the individual and you dont have a...
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    Moderate/Value Resort Thoughts...

    Ive got mixed opinions. For any trip I do a comparison- Value, Vs Moderate, Vs Deluxe, VS DVC rental points, Vs Springs, Vs Off site non Springs. I look at how long we are staying and what the focus of the trip is and then decide how much im willing to pay for it. Whether I want EMH or not, etc...
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    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Ive stayed at Vistana. Its a decent choice off property when you can get great rates.
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    News Tickets with Pre Selected Fast Passes

    I agree with those saying its not a big deal. Most planners have multiday tickets or Aps and have planned trips out. They book restaurants and FPs as soon as possible in order to get the best selection. This doesnt take away from the experience or hurt the planners in any way. It doesnt devalue...
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    What can I order?

    I think it depends on what you are going to order. Sometimes the use of 2 credits is worth it, other times it isnt. Ive used the Dining plan on a couple of occasions, but, most often, the TIW discount far exceeds the value of the DDP. I think you really have to look at restaurants and figure out...
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    Time to Make Dining Reservations

    Kona used to be one fo my favorite places but I can no longer recommend it. The quality has gone way down since they changed the chefs. once again, Take what was the perfect little place to eat that noone really followed since there were more "attractive" places to go and turn it into a place...
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    Trader Sam's?

    Sams is great for the experience. The drinks are eh and ok. They do make a good dark and stormy and the rum flight with Goslings is nice. Ive found I prefer Geyser Point much more not only for the drinks but the more laid back atmosphere. Abracadabar isnt a bad choice either for drinks. Tutto...
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    Time to Make Dining Reservations

    Id consider eating earlier and going to a monorail restaurant and you would still make it in time for the Halloween party. Tonys is atrocious. Tusker and Boma will not let you down. Im not a fan of BOG but for the experience, lunch is the better option. The food wont impress you at dinner and...
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    Quick!!Raglan Road or Homecomin ?!?!

    2 vastly different places and food. Both are very good in their own right. I prefer late nights at RR, sit at the bar and have food and drinks or relax on the patio. Homecomin has become a staple meal for a lunch at some point every trip. The food is well prepared and the menu is very good. The...
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    Bourbon Trail coming to Disney Springs May 1

    I didnt understand the whole Map/Trail thing. Those who want to drink know where to find the better adult beverages and specials. I thought the menus listed were pretty nice and it would be fun to do, but, I dont know if WDW wants to promote that they are actually just as much for adults as they...
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    Secret Menu: Nachos Real Grande Ending?!

    I have heard it mentioned several times and last time I went I asked at Pecos and they indeed confirmed they were no longer doing it.
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    Grrr, can't think up a dinner reservation on our Magic kingdom day.

    I would echo worse park to find dining options in. At least for sit down meals. Skipper Canteen is the only restaurant I ever recommend as far as quality of food and the overall theme goes. Great menu, a bit daring, and well executed. The rest of them fall way short and Id be more inclined to go...
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    News 'Disney After Hours' ticketed event

    I have no issue with the "after hours" offerings. This is one of those "choices". Unlike the parking fees they have dropped in where you get nothing extra of value for the extra money and have no choice but to pay it, this is a choice. And for some, there will be value in it.
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