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  • I agree. While it was fun seeing MSEP again, I prefer Spectro. I think it would have worked better if they brought MSEP back for the 40th anniversary instead of last year, but I guess that didnt work with Disneylands scehedule, they needed it out of the way for awhile. Fantillusion, the original full one, would be okay, Dreamlights would be better. But even better would be a brand new light parade from scratch but those days seem to be over. Back in the 90's Disneyland Paris was suppose to get one called "Disneys Fantastique" but it never materialized. But nice to know it sounds like spectro is returning late this year or next. Good thread, I dont know why people have to comment at all if its something they are tired of talking about, these topics are always interesting. I just got burned too for starting a thread because I guess, I used the wrong descriptive word in talking about an article on miceage. Wow people are picky.
    hey thanks for the message, just now saw it. I need to check the account box more often. hopefully the info is right and spectro returns better than ever. its just some keep saying it was packed up and is gone from the property.
    Well most people just want a bland car that takes them from A to B or want something flashy that says look at me I am cool. Personally I like to know about what is out there to make a decision that fits me best. Crazy I know...
    I guess you could say that. I just live in the Detroit area and cars are passion of mine so I do my best to keep up to date on the automotive world.
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