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    Can someone shoot 4K Front Row Tower of Terror Ride in Portrait mode?

    I'm not sure if you're serious or not.. I think you are? Was it Patrick Spikes? smh.
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    POP prices in March - whew!

    People will book it if you don't.
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    Disney's 1993 Sleeping Beauty bonds

    Interesting. Following.
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    When will all Food & Wine Booths Open?

    I thought the opening and closing of the booths had to deal w the permits for each booth expiring after 90 days or something like that? So some would close but then others would open...
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    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    Has anyone seen Patrick.... asking for a friend
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    Ummm...ok? Right???
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    Right? You know, I briefly saw this long essay of a post of yours a few days ago and wanted to actually read it and reply accordingly. However, I'll be honest. As I am writing this, I still did not read 80% of what you wrote. As for the 20% I did read, I feel you went off on something totally...
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    You’re not wrong but you’re not right.
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    Let the thread go wild, I kinda figured it would. I think it's a cool feature to have and do on their platforms but to basically ask for it in almost every post I feel is a little out of line. I'm not opposed to donating ever, but for someone to (as I will call in this situation) "take advantage...
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    College Program Help

    College Program has been suspended for the time being.
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    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    What is the deal with this Facebook page that they are constantly asking for "donations" for them to go to the park and stream their day among other things. Is it just me or does this not seem right? Maybe I'm not understanding something but I've never seen this before. Any clarification would...
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    Splash mountain merch

    10% is a lot when your buying thousands of dollars. Some of the stuff basically pays for itself at that point.
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    Splash Mountain Merchandise

    I wonder how my AP holders went back to try and get the 30% merch discount credited to their purchases last week. hahaha
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    Splash mountain merch

    This. With so many things going on and the guests flocking to grab it, they will ride it out for as long as they can. I honestly don't think the ride will even close until 2021 at the earliest. The real kicker is how Disney added 30% off merch to AP's. I wonder how many went back and "tried"...
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    Will Magic Kingdom have the same firework shows when they come back?

    This is probably one of the last things on their list right now...
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