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    Davy Crockett Canoes

    My theory is people won't rent canoes at other locations on property if they have canoes for free in the park... even if it is a somewhat different experience.
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    Haunted Mansion movie...WITHOUT EDDIE MURPHY!

    I wonder if Tony Baxter is involved in this.
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    South American tour groups now on property in big numbers

    "They travel in single file - to hide their numbers."
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    Summer Nightastic TV ad - why oh why

    Well where did the character animation come from? If it's from Disneyland's campaign of the same name from last summer, I could understand why they would just re-use things from the west coast. It seems like really stupid marketing to not have images of our tower of terror. All the other ones...
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    Tower of Terror Changes

    The new summer campaign is starting, but I haven't heard any clear word on the tower of terror changes. Has anything happened yet? or is it known what is actually happening? Is there down time scheduled? Also...It's interesting to me that they would promote changes to tot in the advert, but...
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    "Seatbelt Fail"

    Wow folks... no need to fight on the internets... All you need is love :)
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    "Seatbelt Fail"

    yeah, I just realized how many aspects of this photo don't make a lot of sense... right before you posted actually haha The small child in the front, and while being airborne would be during a drop sequence... most people would be screaming or at least having their hair fly in the air.
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    "Seatbelt Fail"

    I just saw this on failblog... I suppose he just sat on the seat belt after putting it into the slot... or it's photoshopped. Here's the original page...
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    dude, I clicked on one of your videos... I went to highschool with Wyatt... it's a small world.

    dude, I clicked on one of your videos... I went to highschool with Wyatt... it's a small world.
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    Imagineers at future MI coaster building.

    I would love that, but it's not very realistic. I think we might get one dark ride, and a couple of standard ready made attractions. As I said... look at the pixar expansion of disney studios paris...
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    Imagineers at future MI coaster building.

    I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but how do we know any construction will be D or even E tickets? I hate to say it, but I think it's a lot more likely for us to get some cheesy smallish pixar attractions like they have at the studios in Paris. Isn't the whole logic behind the FL...
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    A very silly website

    "Recreation at Disney’s Abreast Resort includes pools, a beating and exercise center, aircraft rentals, arcade and a beach." hahaha...
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    Time Racers and WOL pavilion

    Honestly, I really don't think Time Racers was actually considered... or even thought up by WDI. The whole idea behind it was a way to transform sse into a thrill ride... so the whole theme only existed because the sets and AAs were there. Building it in another location doesn't really make...
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    MI2 Greenlighted! DHS Coaster Too?

    I wonder if the ride that was supposedly designed would conflict with the upcoming film?
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