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  • Long work days....and when I get home just eat spend time with the wife and then head to bed. I will be around, just have to get used to my schedule. Thanks for the message
    Kat! Just wanted to wish you a wonderful trip! Hope you guys have fun. Say hi to Mickey for me (still bummed that I can't make it down there). Love you! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    The weather right now Kat, is 100 degrees. It's still really hot there! I'd pack shirts, shorts, and long pants for night time. And maybe a jacket too. Mornings and evenings can get a little chilly. But the weather right now is unheard of. lol It also changes quite often, which is annoying. :lol:

    You can get away with anything at Napa Rose, even though it's a really nice restaurant. You'll get the tourists in there in a t shirt and shorts. I dress in nice jeans and a nice top when I go there.
    Hi Kat!
    Just popping in to say hello and to let you know I'm in the middle of "Eclipse" and loving the series! I'll be finishing it up shortly and have decided to put off reading the last book till after we get home from our WDW trip. It will be hard to wait, but it will also give me something to look forward to!
    Hope all is well with you...Feeling better? Any word on selling your house?
    Thank you, sweetie! I can't believe it's been 10 years.... And I love him more now than I did then. :eek: I think you and I are among the lucky ones... :animwink:
    I'm a filet mignon girl, so that's what I always get and it is SUPERB! For appetizers, the sizzling rock is fun (don't know the real name for it). It comes with chicken, steak, and shrimp. And in the middle is a super hot rock that you "cook" the food on. Yummy. Creme brule = amazing. The flourless chocolate cake was fantastic, but they took it away. :( They have another chocolate dish, but the protion it TINY. Still delicious, though. And their ice cream is homemade and SO good!
    Kat...saw your post in your DL thread.

    Yes, I would definitely make reservations at Napa Rose. I really hope you guys like it. It's one of Disney's best restaurants. Spectacular service and amazing food.

    *drools just thinking about it*
    Hi Everyone,

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